No-Fail Easy Champorado Recipe

It seems like summer has just started with heat wave making it difficult for all of us. But before we get comfortable with the summer heat, rainy season seems to be creeping in slowly. And we all know when rainy season arrives – Champorado for merienda! Here is a no-fail and easy Champorado recipe that you can try or use.

The secret to this recipe is the cinnamon powder which can be optional if you do not have. But if you do have cinnamon powder in your pantry – you won’t regret it!

No-Fail Easy Champorado Recipe

1 cup Glutinous Rice
5 cups Water
6 pcs Table/cocoa tablets
3/4 tsp Espresso powder or instant coffee
1/4 tsp Cinnamon powder (optional but great to add)
3/4 cup Dark Brown Sugar
Evaporated/Condensed Milk
Dried Fish or Tuyo (if you like)

How to make Filipino Champorado

  1. Add the glutinous rice in a saucepan and wash it thoroughly with clean water to remove any dirt particles
  2. Add 5 cups of water and bring to a boil in high heat
  3. When it starts to boil, lower heat to low or simmer and add in the tablea or cocoa tablets.
  4. Stir the rice mixture to dissolve the tablea or cocoa tablets.
  5. Add in espresso powder or instant coffee, cinnamon powder and sugar.
  6. Make sure to occasionally stir to avoid burning at the bottom of the pan. Cook time will be around 15-20 or until it is with your desired consistency.
  7. Add in a cup of water every time – only when you feel it needs more cooking time or more liquid in your champorado
  8. Remove from heat when desired consistency is achieved.
  9. Serve in a bowl with evaporated/condensed milk drizzled on top.
  10. If you like, serve with a side of dried fish or tuyo.

Homemade Cebuano Puto Maya Recipe

Puto Maya is one of the popular Cebuano Filipino (kakanin) food. It made of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk much like the Indonesian sticky rice (except for the latter’s pandan flavour and sweet sauce). My favourite version of this is the purple puto maya from Iligan City, PH which my Mama would always buy for breakfast when we’re home. Recipe below is good for 2-3 people, depending on your appetite.

Homemade Cebuano Puto Maya Recipe:

1 c glutinous rice
1 c coconut milk
2 tbsp sugar 1/4 tsp salt 2 thumb-sized crushed ginger (large slices)

How to cook Puto Maya:

  1. Soak glutinous rice overnight or at least an hour
  2. In a pan mix coconut milk, sugar, salt and ginger
  3. Add soaked glutinous rice and let boil in low-medium heat
  4. Make sure to stir when it starts to boil and clump up
  5. Remove from stove when rice absorbs most of the liquid and you can see slight oil formed (from coconut milk)
  6. Place in steamer pot lined with coconut leaves or parchment paper and place rice mix on top
  7. Steam for 20mins or until desired consistency and softness
  8. Remove from steamer and remove ginger slices
  9. Serve with sikwate (hot cocoa) or preferred breakfast drink.

Kusina Notes:

  • For coconut milk, I used Coco Mama coconut milk pack.
  • If you can get a hold of fresh gata, it will be richer in flavour. Also if you do not want your puto maya oily with fresh gata, you can cut the fresh gata to 2/3 and fill in 1/3 with water.
  • Large ginger slices will make it easier for you to remove it before serving
  • We don’t have a steamer pot, I used rice cooker and work pretty well
  • I used parchment paper to line steamer pot and did not have any problem
  • If you’re going to use banana leaves, steam or run leaves in fire to prevent it from tearing

Watch how you can easily cook your own Puto Maya at home:

Easy Homemade Pandesal or Filipino Bread Roll Recipe

Want to bake your own pandesal? Overwhelmed or intimidated at the thought of baking pandesal from home? Pandesal is a traditional Filipino bread roll and the most popular bread in the Philippines. It is baked in the wee hours in bakeries all over the country being a staple and typically served during breakfast in a Filipino household.

Baking your own pandesal can be overwhelming, especially for a new homebaker. Here is a simple and easy to follow Pandesal or Filipino Bread Roll.

Pandesal or Filipino Bread Roll Recipe

200 mL milk (warm to touch)
1 1/2 tsp yeast (+2 tsp sugar)
2 c flour
2 Tbsp powdered milk
1/4 c sugar
1 tsp salt
2 medium-sized egg yolks
1/4 c oil (canola/vegetable oil) Breadcrumbs for coating

How to make Filipino Pandesal:

  1. Mix in a small bowl the warm milk, yeast & sugar and activate for 5 mins.
  2. In a larger bowl, add the dry ingredients: flour, powdered milk, sugar and salt
  3. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add egg yolks, oil and yeast
  4. Knead by hand for 12-15 mins. When kneading, fold the dough in half and press forward with the heel of your hands to press it flat and fold it in. Turn the dough, press forward to flatten it and fold it in. Repeat the process when kneading.
  5. Cover & let rest for 2 hours
  6. Uncover & knead for another 3mins
  7. Cover & let rest for 20 mins
  8. Cut & shape according to preferred weight and/shape
  9. Cover with breadcrumbs and place in lined baking pan/sheet 10. Cover and final proof for 1H
  10. Bake: 160C for 20 to 30mins (or until golden brown).
  11. Turn the baking tray halfway the baking time for even baking.
  12. Serve hot or warm with you preferred butter or jam and hot sikwate (chocolate drink) or your preferred breakfast drink.
  13. Recipe makes 12-15 Pandesal, depending on bun size

Watch how you can easily bake your own Filipino Pandesal at home:

Homemade Ice Cream | 3 Ingredients Only

Summer heat is really crazy this summer amd makingbit worst because we can’t go out to travel or go to our favourite resorts to cool down. This quarantine and home isolation has got summer flying by. Since we are stocking up on food so we don’t have to constant go out – our freezer space has become limited. I decided to look up how to make homemade icecream without using an ice creamer maker.

This is a three ingredient recipe and best if you like cookies and cream. It’s very eaay to make and your family will love it!

Homemade Ice Cream | 3 Ingredients Only (Oreo Cookies & Cream)

2 pack All-Purpose Cream
1 can Condensed Milk (add according to your taste)
12-15 pcs Oreo Cookies

How to make Homemade Ice Cream

  • Make sure to chill the all prupose cream and condensed milk. Place it in the refrigerator (not the freezer) for at least 3H
  • Whip the all purpose cream until it doubles in size. It would take around 15-20mins if you’re using a handheld mixer and longer if it a wire whisk. This is an important step to aerate the cream and making lighter and fluffier.
  • Add the condensed milk and whip for another 5-10 mins until it is thoroughly mixed
  • I place this in the refrigerator for 10-15mins so the mixture will take shape and not watery
  • Add chopped chocolate cookies and fold it in the cream mixture. You can use any sort or cookies you like but we prefer Oreo cookies.
  • Place the mixture in the container and add cookie bits on top
  • Freeze this for at least 5H or overnight.