No-Fail Easy Champorado Recipe

It seems like summer has just started with heat wave making it difficult for all of us. But before we get comfortable with the summer heat, rainy season seems to be creeping in slowly. And we all know when rainy season arrives – Champorado for merienda! Here is a no-fail and easy Champorado recipe that you can try or use.

The secret to this recipe is the cinnamon powder which can be optional if you do not have. But if you do have cinnamon powder in your pantry – you won’t regret it!

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Homemade Cebuano Puto Maya Recipe

Puto Maya is one of the popular Cebuano Filipino (kakanin) food. It made of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk much like the Indonesian sticky rice (except for the latter’s pandan flavour and sweet sauce). My favourite version of this is the purple puto maya from Iligan City, PH which my Mama would always buy for breakfast when we’re home. Recipe below is good for 2-3 people, depending on your appetite.

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Easy Homemade Pandesal or Filipino Bread Roll Recipe

Want to bake your own pandesal? Overwhelmed or intimidated at the thought of baking pandesal from home? Pandesal is a traditional Filipino bread roll and the most popular bread in the Philippines. It is baked in the wee hours in bakeries all over the country being a staple and typically served during breakfast in a Filipino household.

Baking your own pandesal can be overwhelming, especially for a new homebaker. Here is a simple and easy to follow Pandesal or Filipino Bread Roll.

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Homemade Ice Cream | 3 Ingredients Only

Summer heat is really crazy this summer amd makingbit worst because we can’t go out to travel or go to our favourite resorts to cool down. This quarantine and home isolation has got summer flying by. Since we are stocking up on food so we don’t have to constant go out – our freezer space has become limited. I decided to look up how to make homemade icecream without using an ice creamer maker.

This is a three ingredient recipe and best if you like cookies and cream. It’s very eaay to make and your family will love it!

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