Midway White Beach Resort is one of the many white sand beaches located at Initao, Misamis Oriental. Called Midway, it’s located halfway between two of  the cities in Northern Mindanao — Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City. Traveling to this beach resorts is exactly half the travel time to and from both those cities — 1 hour and is hard to miss. It has been the venue for conferences, overnight family sleep-overs, friends weekend getaways, and location shoots for pre- or postnuptial wedding photos.
For me, this was the neighbor beach stop for my siblings and cousins when we were pushed out of the house by  granny for staying in at home on a summer day, the overnight sleepovers during my nursing school days with IMCC CONMHA student body org. officers, the venue for strategic planning with Iligan bloggers, and the lovely afternoon photo shoot beach walk for my sister and her-then fiance.

  For someone growing up vacationing st a beachfront at my lolo and lola’s residence, sand, water, and skies are my elements —- I was at my element here.

On this early morning visit, we went off to check out this stretch of beach just before the sun rises. Since the location of the beach actually faces a bit to west, sunrise is never at it’s grandest than the sun down here. The sun may not have shown up as we wanted it to, but it did not fail us either. The light shyly creeps up from the slowly fading darkness that turned the place in calm blue. Somehow, it was a bit romantic just like that.
The stretch of beach has both smooth and coarse sand, and lined with different beach resorts in the area. Midway White Beach Resort, however, offers sleeping quarters from suites to dorm types, function rooms, and water sports recreational facilities like banana boat rides, jet ski rental, a even offers a zipline from the cliff side to the shallow waters. But most of all, if I’m not out with friends or family for some gathering or work related stop overs, a beach walk here early in the morning is a must.
And with that, we saw an elderly on a wheelchair being pushed by her daughter to the shore just enough for calm waves to hit her feet. Her grandchildren then sat around her feet, covered these with sand, and just played there. Growing up with a granny close by, this was a heart stopper for me.We ought to do that sometime, bring people close to our hearts outdoors — even when if they can’t get there on their own feet.
+ Bring your swimwear
+ Bring your own snorkeling or diving gears
+ Waterproof cameras if you’re up for a swim
+ Early morning walk. The beach is not that long enough for a run, but you can do several trips though — dami lang dogs!
+ Keep updated on detailed post on Midway White Beach Resort accommodations.

    “I am humbled at what I saw for I realized 
    that what I have in life pales in comparison when gleaned upon their lives 
    because for what I lacked in patience, they have in abundance, 
    for what I lacked in determination, they have in utmost disposal; 
    and for what I lacked in humility, they live by it each day.”