“The goal is unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and to create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again” – Tripbaseblog

1] I was Just Enjoying the Place — Honest!

When you find yourself in a beautiful place and you had a blast of a time with friends or family for company, it will show when you share it to others. This post reminded me of my granny’s favorite memory of me as a kid: I woke up to knock and enter my parents bedroom early in the morning, saying to my Papa ” Ni adto mi sa daaaaako kaayo nga balay! Nga gadhan kaayo’g suga!” ( We went to this biiiig house! With so many lights in it!) in a toddler’s story telling tone and voice. That was Sunday thing with my granny and I, taking me or my siblings to some places for merienda or just an afternoon out. When she told me that when I have grown up, I realize that it was in me to enjoy and be verbose about life — people naturally radiates to that. I became both serious and bubbly ever since.
My most Popular Post: Tinago Falls

2] The Needed To Share My Voice.

Pressing matters and issues are not my forte to share. I don’t want to talk about them because I get frustrated when all I can do is talk and do nothing. I need to feel I am making a difference. When Pinay Travelista was merely 2months old, I had to ask my blogging friends if it was smart and if it was tame enough to not spread sparks. It did not generate enough comments, people still did not know who I was — I was a newbie, and I felt my voice did not matter —  or so I thought.. Until I saw how much this post was shared to my networks networks. That was enough for me — for people to hear my voice and for them to know that someone is speaking out for them too.

My most Controversial Post: Restructuring the Mindanao Image

3] Making a Better Person Out of You

People always thought that travelling is a luxury, for some it is a necessity. A constant drive to be somewhere and to see new places and learn from it. At a point you shake off the tourist in you and travel like nomads do. Travel to the unknown land, like it was yours for the taking, and basks in the wonders in it. Somehow the place would just speak to you to teach you about life that can not be learned from books, and never be capsuled by anyone else. You realize more of yourself and the passion in your heart. And you want to share that to others. I wanted to go around injecting little snippets of information and a few causes for and from the people I met and the places I’ve been to. I feel that I owe it to them.

My Most Helpful Post: Spelunking at Hindang Cave

4] Rooting Out for a Spotlight

You win some. You loose some. The post that I wanted to be catapulted to stardom. LOL. I was new at being adventurous after all. I was trying to prove to the people around me that klutz that I was, I am capable of doing the outdoor adventure. Of the Hindang Series, it is this post that did not generate enough attention than the rest of the parts did. And I am okay with that.

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get Attention It Deserves: Ambitiously Trekking the Hindang Cave Trail

5] A Little Box of Wonder

This is a travel blog, and I was amazed how new it was then but generating traffic like super! When I checked — PBB Fever! I was surprised on how a simple posts regarding the audition instantly draw people in —-they werere really, really, really in to it. Like really! Until now, this post had made it at the top 10 Most Visited Posts in All time View. The wonders of reality television.

A Post whose Success Surprised Me: Pinoy Big Brother S4 Auditions at Iligan City

6] Because This is What I do.

I woke up one day to see that my posts have been generating readership, and it’s not just about me and sharing what I do to family and friends anymore. I thought, if I could talk about something important so lightly, maybe I could touch a few hearts and make converts out of them. I told myself, I could do only so little from my keyboard keys but it could do well if it means helping the environment by sharing  some tips for a eco-friendly travel to others.

The Post I Am Most Proud Of: Packing Smart and Eco-Friendly Way: Pack, Unpack Repack

7] Wearing My Heart on My Sleeves (or on my shoulders)

Travelling and blogging is never a burden. It’s when you feel you’re being watched and criticized by your every move — every word for this matter. It got to me, I felt that the traffic I was generating for a newbie was just beginners luck. That I did not cut it out like the rest. I wasted the whole September on two post that did even share a bit of me — it showed. My comeback post was, asking had someone stolen my mojo. It was my heart asking, and doing all the blogging.

My Most Beautiful Post: Who Stole Pinay Travelista’s Magic?

This SEVEN LINK CHALLENGE was sent to me by my sister of Maldeetuh Ramblings. It has been a sitting project for awhile because I have yet to be comfortable sharing more of me than my usual travel series. Here is a difficult task. Nominating only 5 people who will have fun going through their posts and sharing the seven links to their blogs, when what I want is to share this to a few more:
*Alexander Singcol | Iligan Inquisitor
For the travel bestfriend (ayan! B1 at B2 na tayo okay?! LOL) I have fun sharing life and troubles with. Thanks for being patient with my super bubbly self and my random out of this world life’s inputs (Maswerte yung lovey-doo mo sayo). You get me and I’m thankful to be travelling safe with  you.
*Xy-Za YapePurple Slipperz
You need the break. Here’s something to get your mind off things. I know it might sit on your to-do list for awhile but you will have fun going about it. 
*Wendell Glen Cagape | Travels & Journeys
The first Pinoy Travel Blogger I went travelling with at first meeting. Meeting you was like meeting the rest of “me’s” in the travel blogging world. I am still amazed as to how brilliant you are when it comes to posting. The travel bloggers without backlog. I like that. I strive to be that.
*Mitch Jumawan | MitchOT Spots
Mitch, the name out of the blue commented on a blog post and ever since she has been quiet a reader on this blog. Thank you for sharing the Pitong Ako, hope you’ll like going about this too.
*Alvin Gale Tan | 7101 Reasons to Love Pinas!
I kept on asking him if he’s a travel blogger because I like the concept of his blog so much. I met this guy at Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 at Iligan City and I’ve been going through his blog ever since. Here’s crossing fingers that he will go out for some adventures more often than he does and to enjoy going through his reasons for loving Pinas for this challenge.

Cheers to travelling and blogging!