Casting directors, producers, and other types of event-planners have it tough sometimes. It can be hard to find the right actor for your role the way it is, even barring any other challenges that arise.

But aside from finding the right actors, these people have to find any actors at all, and if you don’t have a huge network to draw from, you might start to wonder what kinds of channels are actually available to you.

For instance, let’s say you need child actors for a short film or a play. How do you find them? Are they qualified? What experience do they have? How do they get paid? How are they able to work, given the laws surrounding children working?

It can be a lot to think about, especially, again, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, here are three places you can look for child actors when you need them.

Websites and Apps

These days, there are plenty of websites and apps that act as brokers between clients and actors. They are a meeting place for both parties. You can put in your specifications for the types of kid actors you’re looking for, as well as your geographic location.

The sites and apps will then match you up with the actors who are available for work in your area, and you can go from there. The platforms also contain all the administrative information you’ll need to know, such as how much certain work costs. It’s convenience at its finest, really.

Talent Agencies

You’ll also want to get in touch with talent agencies in your region, as they very likely represent at least some of the types of child actors you’re looking to deal with.

Just like with websites and talent apps, talent agencies are the brokers, the ones that set up customers and clients. Talent agents are always looking out for their clients’ best interests, and they will be on the alert for anyone who comes calling, looking to hire their client for a respectable project.

Talent agencies will also have the resources available to set you up with a multitude of prospects so you have your choice of actors to pick from.

Check YouTube

YouTube is always a strong recommendation for casting directors and aspiring child actors alike. Many types of performers over the years have turned to the platform as a way to showcase their talents to a wide audience.

Actors benefit because they can show the world their talents. Casting directors, conversely, are presented with a wealth of what are essentially auditions. They can examine someone’s acting skills to see if they have what is needed for a role.

As you can see, finding child actors isn’t an impossible task. It takes some specific digging around, but once you know what pathways will be most resourceful for you, you should never struggle at this again.