Trying To Conceive | When Do You Ovulate?

For some women trying to get pregnant can be a no-brainer and quiet easy but for some, it can be a challenge for the couple. After a year of marriage, my Husband and I decided to try to conceive or TTC. We first went to an Obstetrician-Gynecologist to have myself checked. Prior to this, we were in a Calendar Method as our method of contraception making sure we skip contact during my fertile days. The doctor said there was no apparent problem to begin with and all we had to do was to actively try during my ovulation period and […] Read More

APAS & How We Found Out I Had It

When we were trying to get pregnant, I did not think we would have any problem. After all I have a mom who had six healthy pregnancies and had given birth to seven children with no complications. But after 2 pregnancy losses in 2019, we found out our pregnancy journey will be a lot harder because I had APAS, a reproductive immune disorder after fetal development and pregnancy sucess. READ: Miscarriage | Losing & Gaining Our Angels I have not heard about APAS prior to our doctor telling us to see an Immunologist for it. It was after, Dra. Maria […] Read More

Globe takes you to GIFLand!

Creates #SariSaringRewardingExperiences for customers in annual 917 celebration Amidst the ongoing global health crisis, Globe endeavors to bring joy to its customers via better connectivity and innovations that uplift the lives of the Filipino people. Through its annual 917 Day celebration, Globe continues to reinvent ways to share compassion and care, and provide customers with #SariSaringRewardingExperiences. GIFLand is a virtual amusement park featuring the new offerings, treats and activities that are in store for Globe customers, which they can access right at their fingertips. The festival highlights the many ways Globe values its customers, to play a more meaningful part […] Read More

Miscarriage | Going Through Loss & Gaining Angels

When we were trying to get pregnant, we did not think there would be any problem. I come from a mom who had six healthy pregnancies and had given birth to seven children with no complications. But the apple can fall far from its tree. And on my case, my husband & I found out our pregnancy journey will be a lot harder for us. In 2019, my husband & I decided to start to try to conceive (TTC). Prior to this, I have not taken any pills, my menstrual cycle is regular and I did not have any existing […] Read More

Tired of Working? Know When To Quit Your Job

Tired of Working? Know When To Quit Your Job

Are you burnt out from work, unhappy with your work environment or totally hate logging in every work day? How do you know when to quit your job when there are a lot of things to consider but at the expense of your mental well-being. How will you know when you quit your regular job and fully commit to your side hustle? And how will you know you will not spiral to financial debt just because you resigned way too early? Here are few things to consider before submitting your resignation letter to quit your job. Have a Back Up […] Read More

6 Tips for an Effective Work from Home Set-up

It has been over a year that most of us have been working from home. No more long and difficult commute hours and additional time for yourself and your family. However, working from home has not been smooth to some people. Here are helpful tips for effective work from home set-up. Know when you work best If you are working on flexible hours, make sure to find the best time you are productive and effective. Build your work schedule around that time so it won’t be a challenge for you every time. But for people who are required to log […] Read More

Globe Business backs Supply Chain and Healthcare MSMEs in Visayas, Mindanao

As supply chain and healthcare industries in Visayas and Mindanao pivot their businesses from the effects of the pandemic, Globe Business backs up MSMEs in these regions with digital solutions, providing customers safer, reliable and more convenient ways to move their goods and care for their health. Driving value and growth in the supply chain sector Globe Business’ M2M Fleet Management System allows for robust collaboration between businesses, suppliers and distributors, by enabling businesses to conveniently monitor deliveries and cargo status and locations in real time, simply thru a laptop or mobile phone. This easy tracking helps both sellers and […] Read More

How to Use the Envelop System Budgeting System

The envelop budgeting system is a way to budget your money and spending. It tracks exactly how much money you have in each budget category and visually helps budget stay on track. Basically it is dividing your income into categories based on your spending needs. These may include mortgage or rent, grocery, utility bills, et. You need to assign how much you’re going to spend on each category basing it in your budget and family needs and place the amount in the envelop. Every time you need to spend on something, you just get funds from the envelop with the […] Read More

Cebu Landmasters achieves record high Php 8.5 billion H1 reservation sales, 14% increase

Leading developer in VisMin Cebu Landmasters, Inc. (CLI) announced a record Php 8.5 billion in reservation sales in H1 2021, a robust 14% increase from Php 7.4 billion year-on-year boosted by sustained housing demand in its geographic scope. CLI launched six projects during the first six months across different segments in Cebu, Iloilo and Ormoc. In Q2 2021 alone, the listed company recorded Php 5.2 billion sales, exceeding the Php 4.6 billion reported in the same period last year. CLI maintained its foothold in Cebu, which accounted for 29% of sales; and heightened its presence in Iloilo, which contributed 27%, […] Read More

DICT, Huawei mark ICT month with workshop on emerging technology

【Manila, June 25th】In celebration of this year’s National ICT Month, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), in partnership with Huawei Philippines, began a series of workshops on emerging technologies to empower Filipinos and boost readiness of government agencies, local government units (LGUs), and the academe for the adoption of 5G technology in the country. The “Emerging Technology Workshop – 5G ASEAN Landscape,” held online on June 25, gathered a hundred participants from key government agencies, including the DICT, the National Economic and Development Authority, the National Telecommunications Commission, and the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, as well as from […] Read More