Among the top travel destinations for Filipino travelers is Batanes. This is evident in the fully-booked flights, long lines during travel expo and fairs, early selling out of online promo tickets. Its erratic weather, and limited travel option, Batanes is a pricey but well-worth travel destination every Filipino traveler can attest. AirSWIFT is now making it possible for Filipinos and tourists alike to fly to Batanes in affordable rates.[sam_pro id=0_1 codes=”true”]

With AirSWIFT opening additional commercial route to Batanes, travelers will have additional option and chances o book a fight to their dream destination. AIRSWIFT is a Filipino-owned company that flies to premium island destinations in the Philipines like Boracay, El Nido and Cebu. 

AirSWIFT Flight Details from Manila to Basco Batanes

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Each day has a flight from Manila to Basco and back.

Manila to Basco, Batanes

  • Flight Number: T6-837
  • ETD: 5:15 AM
  • ETA: 7:00 AM

Basco, Batanes to Manila

  • Flight Number: T6-838
  • ETD: 8:15 AM
  • ETA: 10:00 AM

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Booking Options

  1. Via AirSWIFT
    Website Booking:
    Contact Numbers: (+63) 915-509-7024, (+632) 318-5942, (+632) 318-5943
    E-mail: [email protected]
  2. Via Wakay Batanes Travel and Tours
    Contact Number: (+63) 918-552-5048
    E-mail: [email protected]

Our flight and tours were booked with Wakay Batanes Travel and Tours and we really enjoyed their service.