No-Fail Easy Champorado Recipe

It seems like summer has just started with heat wave making it difficult for all of us. But before we get comfortable with the summer heat, rainy season seems to be creeping in slowly. And we all know when rainy season arrives – Champorado for merienda! Here is a no-fail and easy Champorado recipe that you can try or use.

The secret to this recipe is the cinnamon powder which can be optional if you do not have. But if you do have cinnamon powder in your pantry – you won’t regret it!

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6 Steps to Become an Online Freelancer

Working from home and becoming an online freelancer is something everyone is now looking into. The job can be a source of decent earnings and, if lucky, can be lucrative as well.

I’ve work as a digital freelancer for nearly 10 years now. I like the perks of not having to go to office and waste my time commuting. I highly encourage friends to become an online freelancer if they can. With the Covid-19 outbreak, everyone is considering online freelance, especially those who were laid off work and those still needs to go to the office.

How do you drop your traditional day job at the office and find work online and work from home? Here are four steps to help you become an online freelancer.

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Homemade Cebuano Puto Maya Recipe

Puto Maya is one of the popular Cebuano Filipino (kakanin) food. It made of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk much like the Indonesian sticky rice (except for the latter’s pandan flavour and sweet sauce). My favourite version of this is the purple puto maya from Iligan City, PH which my Mama would always buy for breakfast when we’re home. Recipe below is good for 2-3 people, depending on your appetite.

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Easy Homemade Pandesal or Filipino Bread Roll Recipe

Want to bake your own pandesal? Overwhelmed or intimidated at the thought of baking pandesal from home? Pandesal is a traditional Filipino bread roll and the most popular bread in the Philippines. It is baked in the wee hours in bakeries all over the country being a staple and typically served during breakfast in a Filipino household.

Baking your own pandesal can be overwhelming, especially for a new homebaker. Here is a simple and easy to follow Pandesal or Filipino Bread Roll.

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How Clean Produce & Grocery Items to Prevent Covid-19 from Entering Your Home

Having to stay at home adoes not guarantee us safe from Covid-19 infections. Infact there have been news of an individual contracting the disease even though she never went out of her home. Turns out a delivery guy who delivered her grocery items, fruits & vegetables was an asymptomatic carrier. Crazy, isn’t it? So how can be we prevent Covid-19 from entering our home?

A popular ingredient not only for cooking but also in homemade cleaning solutions is vinegar. It is used as a natural disinfectant because it is acidic nature. This makes a natural but also potent cleaner. But it is also the safest way to clean your fruits and vegetables without introducing any harmful chemical substances in your body.

How can we clean our fruits and vegetables after our market run in the times of this health crisis in the Philippines? Here is a simple but natural way to clean our vegetables after buying it from the local market and before cooking and serving it to our family.

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How To Maintain a Tidy & Clutter-Free Kitchen

Our humble little rental is a box open layout of living room, kitchen, and dining room in one. It does not have much storage and we have to make do with what we have being renters as we are.

We are not very strict about tidying up all the time but we do tidy as we go. But there will be times that both Husband & I will be too busy to tidy after cleaning so we kinda leave things around until it piles up. Here are some home hacks to make your kitchen always made up:

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Keeping Healthy While Working From Home

Working from home 4-8 hours a day can take the energy out of you. How much more if you’re stuck in your desk and the only form of activity you have is getting up and walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Work from home individuals are at risks of sedentary lifestyle-related diseases. These includes heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and other lifestyle disease due to prolonged sitting hours. Since prolonged sitting is considered unhealthy and bad for your overall health and called the new “smoking”.

What are the ways to combat these diseases when your work is mostly done sitting and infront of your work computer? Check out these healthy tips to get you in top shape despite sitting all day.

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Emergency Fund: Why It’s Important & How To Save Up For It

We always hear about Emergency Fund (EF) when we start to manage our finances. Financial advisers advises it, family & friends with good finance practices encourages – but what is an emergency fund? This will serve a financial safety net for those unexpected expenses. It is money stash aside to cover the family’s monthly living expenses and basic needs when you are unable to work or earn.

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How to Start Saving Money for the Family

While saving money is second nature to some people, not everyone is good at keeping their money in their pockets. However, not everyone who are good with managing their money started off smoothly. In fact most have struggled and failed multiple times before finally gotten the hang of handling their finances well. Here are ways to prepare yourself and to start saving your money:

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