When we found out about being pregnant, I would be lying if I would say I was not scared. Covid-19 infections were rising, restrictions here and there and safety protocols changed so frequent. It was tough to be pregnant with all the precautions we needed to take. So when we started buying baby essential items for our first-born, we knew we had to do it online for minimal exposures outside.

Here are some online shops in the Philippines where you can find and buy baby essential items to keep you and the rest of the family safe from infection.

Shopee & Lazada

I could not stress enough how lucky we are that both these e-commerce apps exists. Most of the baby essential items I bought were source from here. You will find sellers and official brand accounts that sells baby clothes to baby cribs, you name it. Best of all, both have monthly promos and sale that can really drop down the price
LINKS: Shoppe: https://shopee.ph Lazada: https://www.lazada.com.ph

Urban Essentials

A shop that started by a mom who curated products that she used and re effective in caring for her children. It has now grown to a significant size selling baby and mom items. They aim of catering to the needs of all women, at any stage in their lives. These essentials covers from pregnancy, post-pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.
LINK: https://urbanessentials.com.ph


Edamama is a one stop shop for pregnancy and newborn baby essentials. It has over 16,000+ products for mama, baby, kid and home essentials. You can enjoy best prices and deals on your favorite brands. Edamama is committed to helping parents make better decisions. They’re a team made of mamas, aspiring mamas, and kids-at-heart, so you know that you are well-looked after.
LINK: https://www.edamama.ph

Baby Company

Baby Company  one of the dependable, and caring partner in providing the best care for your baby, making motherhood a truly delightful experience. They pride ourselves in being The Baby Specialist not just because we have the widest assortment of the best baby care products; beyond that, we have well-trained Baby Specialists at all of our stores. Baby Company is a household name when it comes to baby & mom needs – they have over 60 branches inside The SM Store (dept. store) and stand-alone mall boutiques.
LINK: https://babymama.ph