I did not think I would be saying this but Covid got us.

To backtrack, we have been careful in our household and tried to prevent to have Covid infection into our home since the the health crisis was classified as pandemic in March 2020. We’ve travelled, went through infertility treatment, gone through a high-risk pregnancy and C-Section delivery, moved house and cared for an infant without getting infected.

But here we are. Of the families that were in the birthday party, only ours have not had any Covid infections and Koa was the only family member that had not gotten any vaccines. At this time, the Covid strain that were going around was infectious but not as deadly as the ones before it. A few days after the celebration, I found myself having flu-like symptoms that eventually led to us finding out on a Monday that I had Covid. The same night, Josiah started feeling not well and by Tuesday, his results also came positive. We contacted a doctor friend, Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. L. Quitos and Koa’s Pedia, Dr. M Javier, on how we would go around our routine and tried to keep Koa safe even when his mom and dad were sick. With no other family member or househelp to care for the little guy, we made sure to keep our masks on around him at all times. We were given medications for fever, cough and were told to increase our Vit C and D intake. Koa was also given a double dose of Vit C and D even when he showed no signs of infection. Come Friday, of the same week, Koa started getting sick. With his Pedia’s instructions we gave him fever medications and one to help relieve coughing symptoms. Of us three, only I was given an anti-viral medication with my health history which made my recovery quick. With all of us infected, we had stay indoors and got medications and food supplies via delivery. Thank God for ecommerce and delivery services!

We did lengthen our home quarantine to 3-4 weeks indoors and made sure our home was disinfected before we decided to go out or accept family guests at our home again.