As a parent, the thought of flying with a baby might seem daunting, especially when you’re embarking on a journey in the Philippines. However, with proper planning and preparation, traveling with your little one can be a rewarding and memorable experience for both of you. Whether you’re heading to a stunning beach destination or visiting family and friends in the provinces, this blog post will provide you with essential tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight with your baby in the Philippines.

Plan Ahead and Book Smart

When traveling with a baby, planning ahead is crucial. Book your flights during your baby’s naptime or bedtime to increase the chances of a peaceful journey. Additionally, try to schedule shorter flights if possible, as long layovers and connecting flights can be tiring for both you and your little one.

Koa’s first flight was an early domestic first flight to Cagayan de Oro City from Manila. It coincides on his last morning feed before he wakes up. He was awake on the 45min drive to the airport, check-in, and boarding. He slept when the airplane took of and for the whole flight.

Pack Wisely

Pack all the essentials your baby will need during the flight and for your stay in the Philippines. This includes diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, baby food or formula, bottles, pacifiers, and any favorite toys or comfort items. Don’t forget to bring necessary documents like passports and birth certificates.

I only brought one large luggage for check-in, and baby bag and a small personal bag for carry-ons. I kept my passport and Koa’s birth certificate handy and easy to reach and made sure Koa’s items were also accessible to me when in flight.

Choose the Right Seat

When booking your flight, opt for seats with extra legroom or bassinets if available. Bassinets are typically offered for infants on long-haul flights, and reserving one in advance can provide your baby with a comfortable place to sleep.

Since we flew domestic, it was a short flight of 2H. We decided to book a window seat since I don’t have to use the restrooms anyway. If it were a long-haul, we would’ve chosen a bigger leg room and with the option for bassinet.

Follow Safety Guidelines

During takeoff and landing, feed or give your baby a pacifier to help equalize the pressure in their ears. Follow the flight attendants’ instructions regarding baby seat belts and safety measures.

Always keep in mind to have the baby bottle and the pacifier easy to reach or dress comfortably if you plan to breastfeed. This does help equalize baby’s ears and also help them rest.

Dress for Comfort

Dress your baby in comfortable, breathable clothing suitable for the tropical climate of the Philippines. Layering is essential as cabin temperatures can vary.

Keep Baby Entertained

Bring a variety of toys, books, and games to keep your baby entertained during the flight. Interactive toys and lightweight books are great options. Consider downloading baby-friendly apps or videos on your phone or tablet for some digital distraction.

Be Mindful of Snacks and Feeding

If your baby is on a formula or solid food diet, prepare and pack their meals accordingly. Inform the airline about any special dietary requirements in advance. For breastfeeding mothers, nursing during the flight can be comforting and calming for the baby.

Stay Calm and Relaxed

Babies can sense their parents’ emotions, so try to remain calm and relaxed throughout the journey. If you feel stressed, take deep breaths, and remember that it’s normal for babies to get fussy during travel.

Check Baby-Friendly Facilities

Before you fly, research the airports you’ll be passing through for baby-changing facilities and nursing rooms. Most major airports in the Philippines have dedicated spaces for parents and babies.

Flying with a baby in the Philippines requires careful planning, but it can be an incredible adventure filled with cherished memories. By following these tips and taking each step with patience and preparedness, you can ensure a smooth journey for you and your little one. Embrace the experience, and enjoy the joy of exploring the beautiful destinations and warm hospitality the Philippines has to offer. Happy travels!