For a long overdue post, my Southern Mindanao trip still has the detailed memory lost in the workload of busy”ness”. But for the record, I had a great time there! Like super! Prior to the trip, I’ve heard how acommodating and welcoming the Soccksargen bloggers were — and yes, the rumors are not rumors but is an undeniable fact. On our tour after the two main events that got us travelling to the south, the Soccksargen bloggers prepared for us a scrumptious breakfast at the Sarangani Highlands after the Fish Port Tour. After all those fish shots and tuna talks, we were hungry and we were served not only with generous meal for the tummy but in a place where heaven meets the sea.
The Sarangani Highlands is located hilltop that overlooks the Sarangani Bay. The bay is framed with the downtown General Santos, Mt. Matutum and Mt. Parker, visible on clear sunny days, and the sky that drapes and rest on the horizons.

Breakfast was generous and quick. And what better way to make new friends with food and good ambiance to swallow our laughter in. After a while, we felt the need to get going and tour around the Sarangani Highlands.
The marriage of both stone walls, brick pathways and wood furniture is obvious and darn pretty nice to look at. Something rustic, and strong, and then paired with lush green gardens. It could be somewhere I wanted to be when I just want to escape the routine city life. It gives you a laid-back feeling without losing the much-thought-of details around the place.
Apart from this being a venue for special events, or conferences — I can imagine my granny, and the rest of the family staying and getting some family time together in a place like this.

Purok Wal, Tambler, General Santos
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The man who never in his mind 
and thoughts travel’d to heaven is no artist.
William Blake