UPDATED | The best of my childhood memories were the summer vacation trips we had to the house that faces the sea where my mom grew up in. Mind you, we did not grow up travelling from one city or country to another. Our big family of nine made for a humble lifestyle. With our simple, and financially challenge family life, I did not know I was cut for the road and for adventures but fate has a funny way at things.  Even as a child, summer was always about vacations, trips to the beaches, and unending foray with my siblings.  How I became Pinay Travelista borne out of interest, fuelled by upbringing, and empowered by the ladies in my family who showed me it can be possible.

Mama started us young learning the life on the roads with our trips to her province. With seven children in tow passing 2 provinces on commute to her hometown, she had us in buddy system giving us some bit of independence but with sharp mother eyes always on our backs. We would make sure we had a good view of the passing scenery every time, and make up stories out a kid’s creative imagination to entertain ourselves. She allowed us enjoy our travel at a young age, however difficult it must have been for her at most times.


H, the eldest of the seven takes one state to a country at a time when the need to get on the road arises. In her college days she would brave island hoppings and weekend warrior trips with her friends only to share the details after. She was the first who discovered the thrill of the road and of adventure. She has this generic list in her head of must-bring stuff for travel, and eventually lives with a ready-to-go travel bag to date. My travel perception and practices are greatly influenced by her. She is happily married to the brother-in-law who is always on the road as much as she.


A, weaved her words very early on online and the one who encouraged me to do the same. Her small frame does not do justice to her character. She braved searching for work far from home on her own, and asked only for prayers to help her get by. She kept on moving a few distance more since. She comes home to recharge every once in a while and always the one who was looking beyond the horizon like a conquerer would in search for new land. She writes well on a blog she rarely shares, and updates but hers are stuff worthy of a good read even on crumpled table napkins.

When I decided to commit to creating a digital corner to share my thoughts and interests online, I was fairly sure it would be travel. I somehow knew that travel is something I would never out grow and would be an integral part of my life whatever season I may be in.