People would always ask how a travel blogger does the travelling. Some would always equate travel with expense and without any returns. So why travel? someone asked. 
There’s more to travelling than just getting to the destination and arriving at each itinerary on your list. Some travel bloggers has a different say to why they travel and what is, is there. For me though, it’s getting the deals, and planning the adventure that pumps up the excitement for the travel. And most of the time, travel for me is half the destination and half the getting there and surviving it. Travelling is also only a fraction of saying ” I’ve been there”, but mostly it is the ” Now I know”, “What I’ve just learned”, and the “It opened my eyes”. 

Here are some tips on getting some travel time for a less budget:

1. Plan your travel WAY ahead of time
Choose your destination/s and plan the length of your travel — and STICK to it. Plan months or even a year ahead, it gives you time to plan and prepare for that one trip you’ve been dying to have. Some of the advance bookings are discounted and you might just chance upon a flight promo sale.
2. Try the Social Media Networking over the traditional
On this new age of technology, businesses and companies have been smart to open and take advantage of the online market. LIKE, FOLLOW, and ADD those groups, pages, and accounts of airline companies, travel agencies, or hotels. Look out for discounted rates and promos, and you’ll surely want to travel more.

3. Blog hop/surf Online.
There are quiet a number of people whose lives are into travelling. The best thing about them is that they are multi-skilled individuals and maintains a blog or two or more. Check out their blogs and you can get the best reads on personal experiences by these people —- the Pinoy Travel Bloggers.
4. Check Online Contest
Airphil Express is one of the budget airlines who is generous to share the experience of travelling. They usually have online contest that I would check out every once in awhile. You will never know that your lucky stars are smiling at you.

5. Be Updated on Local Events

Some local events are co-presented by companies that might be your ticket for a free trip. Check out the partners and sponsors of these events and you will surely know what surprises and prizes are up for grabs!

Take one of this years biggest blogging event, the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 on October 29-30, 2011 at Iligan City. One of the best things about it is that Airphil Express is a co-presentor being one of the major sponsors for the event.   Their participation is a clear proof that they are committed to make their presence known in the southern part of the Philippines. The youngest fleet among budget airlines now takes its promotions to greater proportions by sponsoring flight tickets for some of the speakers and for some lucky participants. Yes! You read that last line right! They want you to experience their services as you take on travelling with them. 
Some lucky participants will get the chance to win round trip tickets.
Whether or not you are into blogging, Airphil Express has surprises on it’s wings. So always be on a look out for great deals. Travelling on nearly half or more of your expected budget is a challenge, but it is also a thrill to achieve it.

If you’re joining to become a participant, register now, or for those who are interested to sponsor, contact Iligan Bloggers Society, and don’t miss out on this chance.
This is an exclusive promotional post for Airphil Express for the  Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011.