My dusty, too dried up, and sunburnt wandering feet had never look so brown in my existence.  How sunburnt my skin was, and how bad my skin health after the trip was a reality slapped on  my face by the doctor I went to see. The redness, itching, and dryness that had lasted for a few weeks post-trip was alarming. My skin had gotten really bad from all the sun basking I did. Needless to say, Guimaras Island visit became an unforgettable trip because not only I enjoyed it too much, but because it indirectly reminded me to take care of myself more.

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How often had I had I reminded myself of that. Rest. A luxury even to someone when the road beckons. Sometimes we tend to neglect the most important thing, which health, and not vanity, because we want to get more of life. So I woke up, and said, “Slow down child in me. Slow down. Because the world can wait, but health can only keep up as long as it could.”

Guimaras Island

May 2013