I saw this photo quote about 6 Words Women Use in social networking sites and thought of giving this a twist — the Pinay Travelista style. Okay. I do not just go around speaking the first words that pop in my head, but someone suggested that I should write without thinking. I honestly, do not know how well that would go — so I must apologize as early as now, but what the heck!

I have to rearrange them to my liking, though. Photo credit to Karen Veloso, my trusty mate in trying to find the keys that holds the answers to the questions about life (READ: My everyday girl talk medicine)

FINE. A word to end an argument, or when you both are trying to decide or is on to something and time is running out or someone’s not just into an witty combat. Usually uttered when she’s  right, you guys need to move on to another topic, and you need to shut up, or she can make it a very uncomfortable travel with her.

Do not underestimate her inner mean-girl, she can make your life miserable for the next travel days. But she will try to calm her inner demons, let it slip, and try to perky instead. The girl who travels knows that nothing spoils a trip than a sour grape that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, she forgives quickly, and does not dwell on petty things. So do not, by all means, push it, mister. Just because she ended the argument by letting you point the directions, doesn’t mean you’ve already taken over the reigns.

THAT’S OK. To buy some thinking time before deciding how and when to let you  pay for your mistakes.
Okay. this sounds like, the girl is a wildcat ready to dig her feline nails in you. But it’s not that really. The girl who travels knows that traveling with an extra emotional baggage will dampen the whole if not parts of the experience. Here’s the thing. Sometimes something pisses us off, but it is okay to let it go because we know (by instincts) that once you get burnt by the rushed decisions you made, the power reigns will be back on our hands. Let us admit it, between couples there seem to be the power struggle even beneath the calm water surface. The girl who travels lets you get off the hook for travel sake, just make sure you won’t get bitten by your own, uhmm, evil minions?

NOTHING. The calm before the storm. It means you have to be on your toes because arguments begins with nothing usually ends with “Fine”.
The answer to a probing question when a guy finally finds something off with her actions. She says this to brush off the case and let whatever little things that bothers her get into something bigger. Yes, we do not always get into fights just because. Ask what it is, and understand her argument. Try not to feed fire with fire. Because the girl who travels will swallow little nothings just so you it won’t spoil your trip. So when something is really off, ask her nicely, and talk it over. It’s not like she can read your thoughts and that you could read hers, so if you guys do not have secret superhuman powers like that — initiate a conversation.

LOUD SIGH. This means you’re an idiot or on the way to being one, and she wonders why you guys are still standing at where you’re at, when you can be somewhere else other than being stationary and bored.
She needs only a fraction of time to stop and take a rest, she would rather be moving. For her, rest is sitting by the beach watching the sun go down, laughing with the locals at the sari-sari store during your soda break, or on the bus on transit where she has a window view, and your shoulder for a cushion. But when done with the tired look in her eyes, grab her backpack, and let her take a mandatory break. The girl who travels knows not when to take a rest when her restless soul is on the move, she will appreciate the sweet break even if she refuses to, and her gives this “I’m okay, let’s move on” lines. Remind her that she is no supergirl, give her a breather, and be a gentleman. 
GO AHEAD. Is a dare, not a permission — she thinks that you should NOT do it. But if you have to, give it your all.

The girl who travels does mean what she says. This could be a warning call to not test the waters with her. It means that you should not push through with whatever you are thinking. But if you must – give it with your best shot! And because she is out to experience the best things life can offer, when said with a big smile on her face when you’re standing off a cliff ledge — it means she knows you’re capable of taking a jump, she’s trying to check how high your courage-and-guts-meter goes, and she would love to see you try it. She would put up a front, and dare you for any stunt, and would not back down if you throw the dare back at her. For the girl who travels knows what fun is. Indulge her.

5 MINUTES. If she’s packing her bag, or getting dressed for a trip, she means 5 minutes.
A girl who travels will not wait for anyone, even you. She would make sure that the train will not leave without her. So when she says 5 minutes she means 5 minutes or even less. She will run for the bus with you, and actually find that amusing and would heightened her excitement because time for her is a quintessential element in her travel — respect that. But leave a grace period for her, because a girl who travels may run for the bus, but she will also stall enough to get herself made up for you. After all, a girl who travels is, uhmmm, still a girl. Besides, it’s you that we are trying to look good for  — so zip it!

So what I am trying to say here is that the girl who travels, thinks and acts as any woman would in a given situation or circumstance. The only difference is both of you travel together — and no one wants to have a bad travel experience. Though, I will have to give a full disclosure: that not every girl who travels will fit the above description, after all, these are unique individuals that has a zest for life beyond the boundaries of her familiars.

They (a collective unnamed of know-it-all people) say, to really get to know someone, you have to travel with them. But to really go beyond the just-the-surface-of-company’s-sake-travel-buddy? I would have to say, travel with them for longer periods of time. Why emphasis on time? Uhm, like wine it gets better with age — like any relationships be it platonic or romantic ones, we get to know the real person the longer we spend time with them. It would save us the trouble deciphering words, as if there’s always a secret code hidden in them. 

“If you like her, if she makes you happy, 
and if you feel like you know her—then don’t let her go.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle