I already promised then bride-to-be friend that I will be attending her wedding at Dumaguete early 2013. When my guy friends wanted to travel in a group, I asked them that a condition of me traveling with them is the possibility of adding a side trip or two after the wedding event. Here is a helpful transportation guide, how you can get to Apo Island, and the directions you can take if you’re traveling from Dumaguete City to get to the eco-rich and diverse island.

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Directions, and How to Get To Details

*** Fares may change depending on approved rates
**UPDATED: May 2018

Dumaguete City – Dauin Public Market – Malatapay Public Market 1] Hotel Nicanor – Bellfry Tower
::: Travel Duration: 3-5mins.
::: Fare: 8PhP Pax
2] At the side of Bellfry Tower – Dauin Public Market
::: Travel Duration: 20-30 minutes, Multicab
::: Fare: 13PhP Pax 3] Dauin Public Market – Malatapay Public Market ::: Travel Duration: 10-15 minutes
::: Fare: 15 PhP Pax, Pedicab
8 PhP Pax, Jeepney

Dumaguete – Malatapay Public Market
1] Hotel Nicanor – Bus Terminal
::: Travel Duration: 3-5mins.
::: Fare: 16PhP Pax ( two jeepney rides)
2] Dumaguete City – Malatapay Public Market
::: Travel Duration: 30-45 mins. – 1H
::: Fare: 50Php

III.] Malatapay Public Market – Tourism & Information Office, Malatapay
::: Walk
::: 3-5 mins

IV] Tourism & Information Office, Malatapay – Apo Island
::: Travel Time: 1H
::: Outrigger/ Banca Fare: 2,000PhP / 4Pax (Medium boat)
3,000PhP / 8Pax (Big boat)

V] Apo Island
::: Environmental Fee: 100PhP/Pax, ask for a reciept

Travel Notes:

  • You can either take the bus, or multicab heading to Zamboangita, Negros Oriental. You can save a few peso when you take the multicab, and then jeepney, but it would take a bit longer than the bus ride.
  • If you decide to take a pedicab or habal-habal/single (motorcycle) at Dauin Public Market to Malatapay, Zamboangita, expect that you will be dropped off at the Tourism & Information Office. You do not have to take the walk from the national highway to the jump-off.
  • Start with your travel early if you can. The waves from the mainland to Apo Island can be harsh when the wind is strong.
  • Outrigger boat / banca fare is for a back and forth or a round trip service. Should one, or a few of you leave earlier than the rest of the group, they will be asking additional 200-300/pax for “special travel”.
  • The outrigger boat operator/s resides in the little village at Apo Island. They will be waiting when you’ve decided to leave the island. I suggest you talk to them, and ask them how the weather fairs on your intended time to leave. For itinerary’s sake, do not plan an activity after lunch on your last day on the island. Expect that the weather will go bad, or the winds will be strong in the afternoon making it difficult to make the trip. But should the weather be nice to you, by all means enjoy the island, and it’s waters more!
  • No boat are allowed to to take passenger back and forth to Apo Island after 4PM with the strong current, and wind, as well to make sure they get back to Zamboangita before dark.
  • I wished I was a already a brave freediver or PADI certified when we got there but plans, and dreams are on timelines too. That means I’m definitely be going back there!   You might like to check out the rest of the 

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