Not yet sure on where to stay for the rest of our Baguio City trip, The Manor at Camp John Hay was the biggest surprise. Located at the major tourism and recreation attraction in Baguio City, The Manor at Camp John Hay is one of the top mountain resort to stay at for vacationing families, businessmen, and friends.

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The Manor at Camp John Hay

The Manor at Camp John Hay

The cool breeze, crisp mountain air and earthy scent of pine trees fills the halls and the rooms of the mountain resort. Nestled 5,000 feet above sea level with average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius all-year round, The Manor at Camp John Hay blends the surrounding beauty of nature with the element of luxury and spirit of hospitality.

The lobby of hardwood, and beams warmly invites the guest. You will find a large fireplace that keeps the lobby warm, and to which the guest radiates to. Opposite the lobby is the Piano Room which is a large sitting area for guests. You can enjoy coffee or tea, or have a night musical experience with musical performers taking up the Piano Room and filling the hotel lobby with music.

Down the hallways, you will also find the in-house bakeshop and restaurant. Famous for their raisin bread, the Le Chef Bakeshop‘s shelves is filled of it, and jars of jams for pasalubong or for consumption at home. Le Chef Restaurant is one of the famous fine dining place in Baguio City. It is also where in-house guests have their breakfast with a large selection of food choices in their buffet. During the second night of our stay, we decided to have dinner at Le Chef Restaurant, it was also a mini celebration of a life milestone.

The Le Chef Restaurant overlooks the Rose Garden and the expansive The Manor Garden. The view is a wonderful backdrop a perfect dining experience whether is a hearty breakfast, full meals during lunch or dinners, or keeping warm with a cup of coffee.

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Apart from the activities, and sight seeing places at The Camp John Hay,  children also have a Kiddie Korner to themselves at the hotel, or try out the outdoor playground. For the health conscious who does not want to miss their exercise routine there’s always the Gym for those cardio and strength exercises, whether with lifts or treadmill or other devices. And do some pampering, indulge in the luxury of a massage, Sauna or Jacuzzi plus a menu of spa treatments for that ultimate skin and body rejuvenation at The Manor Health Spa is the perfect place to relax, and take the stresses away. My favorite resort facility must be the Yoga Area for that much-sought inner peace and tranquility, and to do some meditation sessions.

There is never a dull moment at The Manor, whether indoors or outdoors, with an array of facilities to avail of, depending on your interest, mood, need or even whim at that very moment.

The room we stayed at was the Standard Deluxe. It has two comfortable, and inviting double beds, study table, large balcony with outdoor sitting, reading nook, entertainment center, mini bar and kitchen counter, walk-in vanity, and unadulterated restroom.

I appreciated that the bar and the kitchen was smartly located at the hallway in a nook that does not take up room for foot traffic. The comfort room is decent in size with hot and cold shower that holds up your preffered temperature. I liked for the room rate they considered using and Italian beauty and skin brand called Acca Kappa. Mostly because it’s one brand I am familiar that is light and smooth, moisturizing on the skin, and does not cause allergic reactions on mine.

As if that the room, and small details were not enough, compliments from Le Chef restaurant came in sweet, and in fruits that made our stay special. I appreciate the most them sending in a weather forecast along with some chocolate truffles to tell us how the weather would be the next day. We finished those off along with the famous The Manor coffee that came in paper packs which you can brew with a French Press in the room.

The room rate is definitely not for backpackers but for travelers who are looking for comfort, and great hotel service. The cheapest rate you can find is around 4,500-5,500++PhP on Promo Rates. The secret to booking a great deal for mountain for The Manor at Camp John Hay is to book months prior to your stay. If you also book during the lean months (June 15 – October 15), you will find a cheaper room rates than you would during peak months. It is best you check out The Manor at Camp John Hay website, and before checking out hotel deals in hotel booking sites like Agoda. That way you will see which ones offers the room rate your budget allows.

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It was hard to imagine to visit at The Manor let alone stay there.  The Manor at Camp John Hay has an old-world charm and elegance. It is a dominating architectural figure that faces a breathtaking mountain view with the clear blue skies as its backdrop. It is a luxury mountain resort that I thought would be too expensive to enjoy but The Manor at Camp John Hay proved me wrong.

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The Manor at Camp John Hay (Check out for Discount Rates)
Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Phone: (074) 424 0931