Dear Reader,

If there is something I know is true, it is that nobody ever knew or see whatever is coming their way. But somehow, by possibly only divine intervention, there are things  you somehow know would bound to happen.

A little girl’s wish, a daydream so often done, and a silent prayer of a lady waiting.

Who has not worn their hearts on their sleeves, and who not once fell in love another human? I wish I could tell you my story. A story that I lived day by day not knowing how it unfolded until it happened.

“When I said that we will try to work this relationship of ours I never meant it to be always through the phone. ” Was an old text message he sent from Roxas, Palawan trying his hands on farming to me who was in my hometown, Iligan City.

I did not know what he meant by it and how far along would go.

But I found myself few days into the 3rd month of this year, I found myself in on the road with only a promise that where we were heading was a beautiful place. I’ve only heard the place from him, and none of our friends who we’ve invited showed a pint of interest. With myself covered so generously in three layers of clothing, we breezed through the mountain sides of part Baguio and a small corner Benguet. The temperature was low, and my fingertips tingled exposed in the cold.

“Kayo lang po yung turista na nagrequest na pumuntang Ambuklao Dam.”, the driver loosely commented.

And if I didn’t know this guy well enough to trust him, I would’ve suspected something fishy, and send morse code signals to the driver for help if he knew how to read one.

Tinatanong ko ung sarili ko at naghahanap ako ng rason not to marry you, but wala akong mahanap. Yung alam ko lang is that you’re a blessing in my life, and sana I am a blessing in yours.

And as if on cue a transport truck made way on the Dam. My was hands held by Josiah, and we both turned our head and found men  who had dirt in there faces, traces of grub, and obvious burn from the sun looking straight at us.

Lai (kneeled down, and looks up to my eyes), will you marry me?

To which I said yes.

The proposal was exactly was so me. Outdoors, to ourselves, and only the Lord (and several random strangers) as our witness.

My eyes filled with tears, to which I said yes.

Ambuklao Dam
Brgy. Ambuklao, Bokod, Benguet
03 March 2017, 13:50PM