Baguio City is one of the top tourism destination in Luzon. It is located ~250 kilometers from Metro Manila at a 1,450 meter above sea level elevation. With a high altitude, it is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines. One can easily get away from the busy Metro Manila for some relaxation in the cool weather of Baguio City. Here is a simple yet helpful Baguio City travel guide to help you plan out your trip!

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Baguio City is a favorite travel destination for local, and foreign tourist with its cool weather, and for the famous flower festival, Panagbenga Festival. It is no wonder that how to get to Baguio City is easy thanks to several bus transport companies in Metro Manila and other provinces.

Helpful Baguio City Travel Guide

BAGUIO CITY TRAVEL GUIDE | How To Get There, Places To See, & More

How To Get To Baguio City:

The city is accessible through three (3) national roads namely: Quirino Highway (Naguilian Road), Kennon Road and Marcos Highway. There use to be local flights in and out of the city but it has been indefinitely discontinued. The best way to get to Baguio City is public transport, or with private vehicles.

BAGUIO CITY TRAVEL GUIDE | How To Get There, Places To See, & More

Victory Liner runs a 24H transport service from Manila to Baguio, and vice versa. The buses intervals is every hour from their Pasay, Cubao, and Caloocan bus terminals.


How easy it is to now drive to Baguio City using navigation apps. I suggest you either use Google maps, or Waze if your private vehicle does not already have a built-in navigation system. But in case you need help at this area, here is a rough guide to get you to Baguio City.

  1. Take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and take Exit 85 to get to SCTEX.
  2. Drive via SCTEX take the Tarlac Exit (left turn) to Mac Aurthur Highway which takes you to Rosario, La Union
  3. Drive through Tarlac and Pangasinan Province without taking any turns.
  4. At the Rosario Junction, take Kenon Road (right turn) or Marcos highway (right turn but about 500 meters further), and drive to Baguio City.

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How To Get To And Around

Most local tourists drive up to Baguio City making getting around quick and convenient for them. However for people who are commuting and taking the bus to get their fair share of the cool weather – there are public transportations to help you get around.

There are jeepneys and cabs you can take to go from one place or another. Locals from Baguio City are best known for their honesty, so you do not have to worry about getting charge extremely expensive if you take the cab. If you plan to do a city tour like we did, you can ask any cab drivers if they can take you around the tourists destination for a fix price, and timeframe. We were able to agree to a 700-800 PHP for a whole day tour around the city.

Places To See & Activities To Do

There are a lot of places and things to do in Baguio City. Frequent local tourists usually spend their time either at their hotel rooms or their favourite local dining spots but for first time visitors or people who want to see most of Baguio, there are a lot of attractions to see in this mountainous city.

Where to Stay in Baguio City

Being one of the top go-to travel destinations near Metro Manila, Baguio City is known for the weekend getaway for most. There are a lot of good accommodations and hotel from budget hotel to reasonably priced hotel to mountain resort hotels. On my previous trips to Baguio City, I have stayed at several hotels which I would highly recommend – The Manor at Camp John Hay for an well pampered stay, or at the warm and cozy Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay. If you plan out your trip earlier and you might just find a good promo rate some of the best Baguio City hotels and accommodations online.

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Weather Conditions & Best Times to Visit Baguio City

Anytime would be the best time to visit Baguio City. Baguio is 8 degrees cooler on the average than any place in lowlands. When Manila sweats at 35 degrees centigrade or above, Baguio seldom exceeds 26 degrees centigrade at its warmest making it ideal for a quick trip for city dwellers. Baguio is very wet during the Philippine rainy season, which is from June to October, and the cool months start to kick in by late November to early March.

If you plan to experience cooler weather than the usual, it is best to visit Baguio in the cold months, you will need extra layering of clothes if you’re not used to the cold. Summer month is also a good time to visit, it is not as cold as the later, and earlier part of the year but it will surely be a comfort from the scorching summer heat.

You can also visit Baguio during the famous Panagbenga or Flower Festival with the city bustling with events, and festivities – it can get crowded though.

Check Out Our Baguio City Travel Videos

If you’re planning to visit Baguio City during the cold months when the temperature is extremely low for Philippine weather, check out the videos I managed to take during our trip and help you along the Baguio City travel guide as well!