There is always something nostalgic about seeing a waterfall. It’s like a coming home kind of feeling. I’ve seen and been to Katibawasan every Camiguin visit I had. I even swam right through the water drop with Bio friends and pretended we were skinny, gorgeous, strong swimmers like the ones in Baywatch, when were just the limpy nerdy studes who bottles insects and dried pressed plants those days. LOL! But Katibawasan Falls has not aged, or matured through time, and it’s like seeing an old playmate again. Playful. Even when I was alone, it felt like home again.
When Camiguin is popularly known for 2 waterfalls, the Katibawasan and the Tuasan Falls, I only able to visit the Katibawasan Falls.

KATIBAWASAN FALLS | Mambajao, Camiguin
Entrance Fee: Regular          15Php Pax
                      6 y.o. below    6Php Pax
Located at the foot of Mt. Timpoong, Katibawasan Falls has a water drop of 250 ft. and is a single drop waterfall at a corner of green and rock-faced walls. The water basin is actually small and shallow. It is safe for children to swim in it and the water drop is not that strong that you could swim to and through it. You’ll get a bit battered though, but just enough to feel pressure that any hydro massage would give.
At a minimum entrance fee, this local government maintained tourist attraction of Camiguin is an ideal place to cool of during the hot and humid days.
+ There’s a stairwell leading down the water basin that you should be careful with. Sometimes it gets to slippery to walk on if visit the place during the rainy days.
+ Take a dip, and you must try swimming towards the water drop.
+ During El Niño there’s a significant decrease in water drop but Katibawasan Falls still holds a humble charm despite it.
+ You can check out the Pasalubong shops and stalls at the main entrance.
“Like all great travellers,
 I have seen more than I remember, 
and remember more than I have seen.” 
~Benjamin Disraeli