Cathe Pacific is a beach-side cottage, and backpacker’s haven at Cantilan, Surigao Del Sur.This fenced property is located fronting the beach that gives you a homey feel than a visitor staying in. We were suppose to stay there only a couple of night but had to extend it after canceling Bucas Grande. We were fortunate that Cathe Duero of Cathe Pacific was kind to enough to accommodate us early than expected.

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It’s a perfect place to stay when you’re doing island hopping, checking out the Jellyfish Cove, and Blue Lagoon if not to go surfing. It has enough open space fronting the cottage for camping out if you like,  or just enjoying a picnic.

It has a wide living, and dining area with a kitchen one can cook, and prepare meals at.  It has two bedrooms than can accommodate 4-5 people inside each, and shared bath, and comfort room. Electricity does not go off unless there is power interruption, and water supply for drinking, and bathing is available.

The beach has black but (surprisingly) fine sand, and the beach line is free from cottages, or any structures. I like how the lined up coconut trees frames the beach that way. The waves can be a bit harsh, and is ideal for surfing which is what draws people to this town. If kids are traveling with you, best that you always keep an eye on them.
Bay – Bay Uno, 8317 Cantilan, Surigao del Sur
0916 787 2904

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