An inspiration from Salman Rushie short series books, East West Cafe was named to reflect how the Filipino food is a comfortable hodgepodge of anything from Eastern to Western cuisines. East, West Cafe is clean line, pale interior anchored by dark colored tables and chairs. Large portraits, and lines of positive words is a splash of color on the large wall space.
Owner Hendri Go shared how he manages the cafe, and still gets to do what he loves doing — meeting, and making new friends over food, or good conversations, theaters, and plays, and of traveling. Sinulog Festival 2013 was coming that weekend, and I was travelling with the boys for a friends wedding event. The good thing was our short trip extended to two weeks. The guys, and I decided to extend our trip to Cebu City, and spent the weekend in festivities. When travel blogger Doi sent a message for a Pre-Sinulog Pinoy Travel Bloggers meet – up at East, West, it was a good thing that we extended our trip then. It is always nice to meet the people, and build connections during travels.
Crab Stick Salad 
The Crab Stick Salad was nice, and light to the taste. I like how the pasta was just al dente , and not feel mushy with all the dressing in the salad. I also like how the dressing was light, and complimented with the mango. Ofcourse the mango taste brings out the crab meat which was of healthy serving on the plate.
Mango Citrus Chicken and Sausage Pasta. 
Red Velvet Crepe 
Mango Sushi 
Crepes are a thing at East, West Cafe. One should order these light desserts to not just close one’s appetite but because East, west has the best crepes in town. And oh! My favorites would be Red Velvet Crepe, and Mango Sushi Crepe!
I met familiar faces I only see, and interact with online, and chanced on talking with some others who loves travel as much as I do. It only takes one commonality to bring strangers together. That night, we were blessed enough to have two: travel and good food.