I do not know why I like cathedrals, and when it started that I do. Other than a house of worship and it being an architecture that maintains the doctrines of faith, and morals. Maybe because it’s a bit of the past still standing in the present, bold witness to time, and to remain when we might not in the future. I somehow find that romantic. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary at Dipolog City is one of the few churches I like. Less adorned, yes. But massive, and holds history even after a century has passed.


The front facade may have been given a face lift but the church is a mix of both modern, and old. Erected sometime in 1895 by Spanish friars, the cathedral still has its hand carved ceilings intact up to this day, and an altar designed by the national hero, Jose Rizal.

I like how each arch caves in another until it frames the doors of the cathedral’s main entry.  It makes it look more massive, if I can’t be more redundant as that.


I like how the yellowish brick stones reflects sunlight making the cathedral beam from the across the street with trees trying hide it with it mass of foliage. Nothing could stand as dramatic as this cathedral despite all the greens, and the busy pedestrians feet, and motors passing by. Maybe that is why I like it. Of the sea of greens, and everything else stands a proud cathedral, not drowned out by what surrounds it. Like faith. No matter what life throws at you, one’s faith should not falter. It should stand there amidst all chaos.
+ Try visiting the cathedral early in the morning or mid to late in the afternoon. The sun would not be so high up. I hope you also get to visit it in the evening. I often wonder how it would look at night when I go through photos of it. I wish I got to see darkness looming over it. But it only means that there’s a next visit bound to happen. *grinning*

+ The Magsaysay park across the street is also an ideal place to visit and let the young ones run around, and for you to rest those tired feet.
+ And, how about trying to hear mass if you have time.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary at Dipolog City
P. Ramon St. Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte
Coordinates: 8.586082,123.345475
Map Location: HERE


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