If you do not think it is safe, it probably isn’t but then again for adventure, and thrill seeking people — degree of safety is, uhm, relevant. Because sometimes, safety is not a gadget but a state of mind. Or something like that. And despite all our attempts to keep safe, there are circumstances beyond us sometimes. Which leads me to this very month late give-away stashed as draft for a while.
Imagine my excitement opening up packages, and letters that came in succession as birth month July came crazy waltzing in. The people behind Paramount Life and General Insurance Corporation and MedAsia Philippines was nice enough to send a word of thanks for the previous review I did on the Prepaid Emergency Medical Assistance or the ER Card Plus. I like it because the  insurance coverage has affiliated hospitals they have on the list that could be ideal for those who travel. It was nice of them to send me one because the previous one I had has already expired. But the good thing was, they sent two more along for extras.

The cards are good for the late half of 2012. So if you still have travels for the remaining months of the year, you’re more than welcome to join. If you do not have travels planned up but wants to get a chance to win these, by all means join up. You can check out how to activate the card at the ER Card Plus site. And since, Pinay Travelista is hibernating, as the writer behind it made a self-imposed ultimatum on something (really scary, she might as well go crazy if she won’t break her promise not to travel for the rest of the year — let’s see) for her, uhm, future — you guys gets a chance to win one of not just two, but three ER Cards Plus! This contest will only run for 2 weeks — another one is brewing up, best of luck!

For more details on the ER Card Plus, read Prepaid Medical Assistance or visit the ER Card Plus site. This contest is open to everyone within the Philippines. Items will be shipped for free. Contest will run from August 10 – August 24, 2012. All information generated from this raffle giveaway warrants full disclosure, and will only be used within the bounds of this raffle contest. Winners will be drawn, and announced on August 25, 2012.

UPDATED: ( August 25, 2012)

Rafflecopter was used to generate, moderate, and draw out the winners.

Congratulations to [1] Ding Fuellos, [2] Pinoy Adventurista, and [3] Xy-Za Yape!!!
Wohooo! Sent you guys an email already! 

NOTE: Pinay Travelista opted to remove the rafflecopter widget

to cover the name of a disqualified drawn out entry. But an image of four draws is  posted up! 

Thanks bunch to everyone who participated! #hugs

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Who can hope to be safe? who sufficiently cautious?
Guard himself as he may, every moment’s an ambush.” ~Horace