Enough of the wandering thoughts – Start planning already!

When you’ve been thinking about traveling, pretty much you’ll have some random if not target destination/s up your curve already. Before anything else proceeds, plan your next move carefully like as if each move is guarding your king on a chess board game.  But mostly, planning is just doing an en passant move, advancing two squares when capturing an opponents pawn. Whether or not your plan include up to the minute details of trip, just a  rough route, or getting that phone number of a sister’s college friend who knows someone who knows some good travel agent, then by all means go, and overcome self limitations!

Planning may not get you nowhere near your destination yet. It actually is but still a part of the frame of thought of getting on that road. But it does let you move on the step of trying to realize that dream.
Keep in mind that planning no matter how detailed, or careless may you be, it will give you half the sound comfort you need when you’re already on that road.  So look it up on the internet, draw out your route on the map, or sequence your activities for an itinerary, — each travel planning depends on the nature of the trip, duration, budget, and the company of people you are with. Do not fret if your planning stage takes longer, or just fraction of the actual duration of the trip. This is, after all, your comfort zoning for an adventure yet to be experience, so just be cool, and have fun with it.