More than the traveling, and penning the experience down in this virtual capsule of memories, microblogging with the use of social media networks has been helpful for me in sharing travel moments. But social media network, and it’s dynamics is useful not just in travel blogging, online businesses, or on making a living when managing accounts for clients — but also for other cause beyond ourselves.

The iMedia Online in cooperation with Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. organized the first run of the Social Media Influencers Summit with the theme “#TrendingForward”. Set for a weekend, on March 16, 2013, I am yet again off for a weekend trip, and this time it will be at Cebu City.
Keynote speaker will be Maria A. Ressa, along with other speakers of different fields, and areas “to share best practices from top industry leaders, set ethics and standards for users, and promote social media responsibility.” Iligan Blogger’s Society, Inc., my hometown blogging society, will be a part of this summit, as One For Iligan online advocacy story will be told there. When the T.S. Sendong caused floods, wrecked communities, and took lives in Iligan City, and how social media became a medium for information sharing, rescue, and donation drive. I will be the story teller for that advocacy, and honestly, I still have not finished my presentation yet.  o.O
It’s been awhile that I’ve traveled for blogging, or social media use related events, but I’m looking forward to see Cebu City again, and some friends there!