I have been working from home for over 10 years now. I have not set foot in any traditional job right after college years as I quickly realized that I can find a sustainable job working from home as a digital freelancer. At first, I did odd jobs like data entry, research and minute tasks that I am able to finish quickly. One of my friends recommended me to one of her previous online client who was looking for a virtual assistant. I was not sure what virtual assistant meant at that time but I read the job description and studied what was needed. I applied for the position with zero knowledge of what I getting myself into. All I was confident of, was that I was handy with computers, I knew my way around the internet and I handled my emails and social media accounts well.

If you are thinking about working from home and drop the 8-5 office job but overwhelmed by the different job positions online, you might want to look into virtual assistant role. A Virtual Assistant is a professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance role to clients remotely done from a home office. It is a very flexible role for people who are new to the industry.

Can I become a virtual assistant with no work experience?

Yes. It is important that you need to first pick a niche. A niche is a particle area that you can specialized on or know something of. It can be skill you learned from school or previous office work experience. Some virtual assistant role is purely administrative role, some handles finance like payroll handling, social media or digital marketing, some are more of HR roles managing the team, or it could be project management role where you manage operations and it can either have voice or non-voice tasks as well. It is important to identify the backgrounds and skills you have so it is easier to look for roles that you can be a good fit for.

Most online jobs start off with training where the company will get someone to train you and show you how things are done. But is still important to come in prepared and do your research. Research not only about the company you’re applying but also any software or tasks they might have mentioned that you are not familiar of.

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How do I become and apply for a virtual assistant role?

Like any other job application, you need to prepare your resume and create an impressive cover letter. It is best that you identify the online or computer skills you have and the roles you had in you past work experience.

Apply online through job listings likes Upwork, Remote Staff to name a few or go into LinkedIn or network in Facebook to see listings and directly apply to the company. You can also join digital freelancing groups on Facebook to look out for leads or tips from fellow online freelancers.

What skills do I need to become a virtual assistant?

It is good to have specialized skill when you apply for any job position but fro the virtual assistant role, you need basic computer skills so you can get around the tasks. Since you will be working in front of the computer, it is best that you know your way around handling & managing emails, using Microsoft Word or Excel, how to navigate around the internet doing searches and be very mindful of the softwares you use.

Some important skills on digital freelancing is actually not about software use or expertise about a certain skills. Most often than not, people hire applicants who are willing to learn, open for career and skill growth, someone who can stay long in the company, and one who has the drive and the initiative to learn and work on his own.

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Is this a good job and a long time role?

Virtual assistant when done right is a good job and long time role. When you find yourself as one of the core people who keeps the company running and become an asset – as long as you are doing your job and the company is able to pay for you, you are in it for a long haul.

Are virtual assistants in demand?

Most small to medium business owners across the globe are transitioning their business to cater to their growing clients or customers. Most of the time they are looking for someone who they can delegate administrative or operational tasks that does not required highly technical skills. This is where virtual assistants come in.