Looking at the waters surface, and the play of both blue, and green of depthness always — always spell binds me. Let us put the blame on having born under the stars of water sign, so we won’t have any argument at that. I am no mermaid, and I’d probably turn out to be a bad one.

Scheduled to have a talk for the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 by the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. I was up for a travel to Cebu City again. Doi, Audreyisms good friend has always been welcoming. I’ve only meet her twice then, in more than 5 years of their friendship. She invited me to join a few others I’ve already met on an event at East West. They will be freediving, and I get a real chance of drowning at that. And I was actually up for it.

Freediving is diving in depths holding your breathe the longest you can without any aid of diving gears expect for a snorkeling set if you really must use one, and swimming fins. So one starts out snorkeling.
And dives into the water to deeper depths. I honestly do not know anything about it, and it’s technicalities. The friends I was with are pretty good at what they do considering having no formal training on it. Here are some of the images Doi | The Travelling Feet got from that dive session.

There were several moment when I must have swallowed sea water in volumes that I should have had. But going down deep, and looking at the diverse, and beautiful marine life both scared, and captivated me.

I can only swim for my life’s sake, but freediving is something I could give a second try at. Thanks to Doi, Johnn, Dylan, Edwin, Noel, and Hendri for letting me tag along with them. More images from Doi’s Facebook account, and if you’re into freediving, and anything marine — better follow her, and those guys I dived with. Till my next wandering underwater!