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Are you struggling to find a summer holiday abroad with your family, without breaking the bank? Everyone knows that the travel industry in the UK creates artificially high prices during school holidays – the economic principle of ‘supply and demand’ means that they can charge pretty much whatever they want and know that people will still pay. Yet help is at hand for parents searching for a summer holiday on a budget, and it starts at the bus station. Here’s something perfect for parents searching for a summer holiday for the family. This guest post is helpful for budget trip for the whole family at United Kingdom.

Holidays within the UK are often more expensive than the accommodation costs of a holiday abroad, and many people feel that they would rather pay a bit extra to get abroad than to have a holiday ‘at home.’ Yet the costs of getting abroad, even to somewhere as close as France, can be prohibitively expensive, again because of the demand for transport during school holidays. Fortunately, the people at iDBUS have come to the rescue with their ‘mini prices’ for the summer holidays, meaning that you can get to Lille for as little as £29 or Paris Bercy/Paris Charles de Gaulle for £35 and Lyon for £45.

Now, don’t think there’s a trick here, because there really isn’t. This isn’t one of those deals where you can travel out for less than £30 but will have to pay £300 to get back home. There are also no hidden extras like taxes or fees. You can get back just as cheaply and there are plenty of seats available at these prices on numerous dates throughout summer, so you should be able to pick a time and date that suit you. You’re not as limited with your baggage as you would be on a plane because you are allowed one piece of luggage per person (the weight isn’t specified) plus a piece of hand luggage. And your journey begins at Victoria bus station, which is in central London very close to the Victoria tube stop.

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The journey by bus takes longer than by train or plane (though not by as much as you would think, once you have factored in early arrival and check in times and procedures) so be sure to pack enough snacks and entertainment for the children for the journey. Alternatively book an overnight trip so that the children can sleep (the seats give you plenty of room to spread out).

Once you have found some times, dates and prices to suit you and your family, use those dates to book your accommodation. Try booking a gîte direct from the owner, as these will be far cheaper than booking through a travel agent or villa company. Beware though – it is vital that you do your research and make sure that the deal you are paying for is legitimate and be careful about how you pay for it so that if there are any problems you can claim your money back.
Or consider taking your tent and camping – you could use part of your baggage allowance on the bus for your tent and sleeping bags. There are many lovely campsites around Paris and many of them have buses that will take you direct to Disneyland or into the heart of the city. To make your camping experience more comfortable, opt for a large site with facilities such as hot showers, swimming pools and a restaurant – a basic campsite will be much cheaper, but the saving you will have made on the transport might make you feel a little easier about spending more on a little bit of comfort.
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