I’ve been taking jogs early mornings when I saw that Iligan City Rizal Park was full of people, one summer  Saturday morning. My mama told me that there’s a Saturday morning program for a healthy exercise routine open for everybody.

The Saturday after that. I was there. With my mom.  And a friend. I got hooked ever since! Hataw Na Iligan is an ongoing program of Councilor Marlene Young for and with the public. This is to promote healthy living and lifestyle among Iliganons. There’s no age or medical condition/status required. In as long as one can dance and follow the instructor, then you’re welcome to join in.
What got me hooked?!
Nothing beats the energy of the people doing the routine.
This is how it looks! Iliganons from different backgrounds taking part as one in a full-packed-fast-paced dance exercise routine. In some mornings, I would have a teenager at my side, an aged at the other, and middle-aged in front. Not minding the sweats and the early sun light. Everyone seems to be in trance. You can’t help but enjoy.

What makes it click?

MUSIC! Yes, all types of songs from different genres are used from
one routine after another. There’s always something for everyone, I might say.
I’ve been seeing these people in Iligan City street and in the back of my mind I would say “Hala! klasmayt na ko sa Hataw Na” (Translate: Oh! A “classmate” in Hataw Na). Because people there are enjoying too much at staying healthy that you’ll find them a regular at it.
PinayTravelista (author)  Kayex, and Atty. Marlene Young

I’m not much of a health-buff person, but I get some kicks at having fun. I have to say that this program is one-thought-of-program. No wonder the young, and old gets to enjoy it at the same time.
If you’re staying in Iligan City or planning for a visit — stop by the Rizal Park on the Saturdays. The dance exercise starts at 6 A.M. and ends at 8 A.M. Bring a bottle of water, face towels, and extra shirts, and brace yourself for one wake-up-weekend-routine you’ll find yourself hooked at.
Photo Credits: Photos grabbed from Atty. Marlene Young’s Facebook Account…^^
Disclaimer: This in no other way a promotional or paid article. 
The author is a Hataw Na regular.
If you wanna bet on it —- I’ll see you there!!
**Once you’re IN you can never get back OUT… Or something like that in movie lines.. LOL

P.S. So okay, I’ve been in these Saturdays for some time now.. There was this one Saturday that there will be an Aikido Sunday announced.. I actually saw pictures in Atty. M. Young’s photo albums that had me in funny poses! ahahahahahahaha! But that’s another blog post!