Solo Mall at Radio City has 200 shops and specialty stores within its 21 floor building. These shops are often times show rooms of online shops by small businessmen, designers, and artists who are happy to show their work to clients and display their products within access to the public.

Solo Mall allows these businessmen to set up a shop that is entirely accessible in one of the busiest place in Causeway Bay.  You will find curated trendy clothing and gems, charms and some semi- to precious stones jewelries from local designers.

And if you’re scouting for unique and locally made products, you might find it here. You’ll find crafted and designed products from paper bouquets to travel and camera gears. Not only will you see that actual product itself, if you’re lucky you’ll catch the artist or designer  in the shop.

One interesting shop is run by Constance who curate locally designed items from bags, jewelries, to bookmarks. She runs both online shop, and the the showroom at Solo Mall. This allows interested buyers to visit and take a look of the product before making a purchase. The space she has rented is not only a shop but a showroom as well.

My favorite would have to be Echoes on Earth managed by the lovely Ms. Eva. Echoes on Earth promotes the fair trade concept as a cultural, social and environmental responsible business ideal. They live with the tagline “Live with Passion and Appreciation”, a mantra from which they started the store with.

Echoes on Earth
Room 519, Solo Radio City, 505 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 5504 7146

Only the selected high quality products of fair trade and sophisticated handicraft from small producers from different parts of the world are displayed on the shop including – tea, coffee, food, clothes, silver and bass accessories, needle-knitted garments, ceramic tea pots, mug and bowls to name a few. The products came from around the world origins include Thailand, Mainland China, Turkey, Sir Lanka, India, Japan, Australia & the Philippines.

I managed to buy  two types of Dark Chocolate for home as pasalubong, and my mother loved it. I’m pretty sure you will find something that you will fancy when you stop by her shop as well.

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Get a sneak peek and a quick tour of Solo Mall at Radio City on the Hong Kong Trip Day 2 Video | Eton Properties HK Familiarization Tour:

Solo Mall at Radio City
505 Hennessy Rd, East Point, Hong Kong