Our humble little rental is a box open layout of living room, kitchen, and dining room in one. It does not have much storage and we have to make do with what we have being renters as we are.

We are not very strict about tidying up all the time but we do tidy as we go. But there will be times that both Husband & I will be too busy to tidy after cleaning so we kinda leave things around until it piles up. Here are some home hacks to make your kitchen always made up:

1. Tidy as you go or tidy along during the week.

Remember when we leave things anywhere, the space can easily get cluttered and can take away the empty space.

Before, in the middle and after workweek, we always find time to return things back to where it belong or whenever it get too cluttered.

2. Have a place for everything

Thinking about where to store things can be stressful, time-consuming and can easily demotivate you when you are cleaning and tidying up. So always have a spot or a home for every item you have. The unused plates in the drawers, spoon & forks in a utensil holder, pots & pans inside the cabinet, etc. Having a spot for everything makes it less stressful for you to put things away because you already know where to put and store those items.

3. Don’t overdo with shopping.

And since we are challenged with storage – every home item we consider purchasing always go through series of questions that includes budget, how long we will use it and if there’s an alternative that we can use with what we have. But these two questions are important in our decision-making:

  • Do we really need it? (Husband’s favorite line)
  • Do we have a place for it? (My favorite line)