The Bureau of Immigration has installed electronic gates or E-Gates at NAIA Terminals 1,2 and 3 for Filipinos arriving from international flights. The electronic gates at NAIA Terminal 1, 2 and 3 are available for Filipinos entering Philippines and skip the immigration altogether. These gates can process passports in less than a minute and lessen long queues at the immigration counters. 

How to Use the E-Gates at NAIA Terminals

  1. Make sure that you have your boarding pass & passport on hand while you wait in line for your turn. Make sure to remove any headware, eyewear, and face masks.
  2. Scan your boarding pass by placing the barcode on the scanner area and wait for the verification that your boarding pass has been scanned.
  3. Open your passport to the information page. The information page is the Page 2 or the page with you personal details & photo. Scan your passport, information page facing down, on the scanner to be scanned.
  4. Your photo will be taken & your right forefinger scanned. Look into at the camera as you press your right forefinger against the scanner. You can first position your hand & your finger before looking into the camera & pressing the scanner with your forefinger.
  5. A sticker tab is printed after your photo is taken & fingerprint scanned. It will contain your name, date of birth, airport terminal you arrived in, flight number, and date and time of arrival. Attach the sticker tab on your passport and this will serve as your proof of entry to the country.

Additional Notes:

  • Headware, eyewear & face masks are not allowed when entering the gates.
  • Travelers should enter the gates without companions.
  • Travelers in wheelchairs & other electronic device in their body (e.g. pacemaker) are prohibited
  • Children who are not yet old enough to understand & follow instructions.

On our trip from Singapore last December 2018, we were able to use the newly installed electronic gates. Using the newly installed electronic gates makes it processing passports quicker especially for those who have been away from their families for so long and can not wait to see them again.