Iligan City opens September with an Opening Salvo every September 1 of every year since 2004. It was on that year that a resolution was passed, and approved to establish Diyandi Festival as the tourism name, and identity of the festival of Iligan City. This city celebrates the feast of patron saint Sr. San Miguel on September 29, and goes a full month of September with merry making, and events happening every street corner.
Welcome to Iligan City, a city of culturally diverse people, and the home of the Majestic Waterfall, Ma. Cristina Falls! Every September we party, and celebrate diversity through showcasing our history, traditions, and modern day interest by, and with Iliganons of different walks of life. The festival is fitting to it’s definition, which is to “celebrate”. Banderitas are hanged on the main streets, bringing festive colors in the city sceneSo when September sets in, Iligan City is in full celebration until the end of the month.
OPENING SALVO | September 1
This officially opens the month-long Diyandi Festival. It will be attended by city officials, and will also unveil the theme carried by the Diyandi Festival for that year. Welcoming guests, and visiting, and some rounds of production numbers will be given, and shown o give a taste of what will be happening for the whole month of September.
PAGKANAUG | September 20
Nine days before the Feast Day of Sr. San Miguel, a novena is said everyday, and has long been a religious practice by Catholics. Nine days before that, a traditional ritual of Pagkanaug (to transfer down), is practiced by taking the image of Sr. San Miguel from it’s pedestal located at the side of the altar. Devotees of Sr. San Miguel crowds, and packs the St. Michael Archangel Cathedral to witness it. It marks the start of the 9 day novena, and ends on the Feast Day on September 29.

Kasadya Street Dancing is one of the main attraction of the Diyandi Festival. It is merry-making, and dancing on the streets before throngs of people, and judges strategically located on the along the long route from the Port area, to the Buhanginan Hills. It will be at the largest open amphitheater of the country — Anahaw Amphitheater that the contingents battle it out on the showdown to win the top winning spots.

MS. ILIGAN | September 28
The gates of the MSU-IIT, and the doors of it’s Gymnasium will open for thousands of spectators cheering for their favorites for the Ms. Iligan. The coronation night will be a spectacular event for these ladies as they vie for the crown of Ms. Iligan, and be the ambassador of beauty, and goodwill for the whole year. 

FIESTA | September 29
A procession is done at 7AM, where the image of Sr. San Miguel is taken to the streets in procession. Devotees would join in the procession, chant, and fiercely shouting “Viva! Sr. San Miguel!” that is very contagious, even onlookers would join in. After the mass at the Cathedral, you can go around town, as people celebrate Fiesta in their houses inviting family, and friends inside.
Happy Diyandi sa Iligan!