Two days after Hindang excursion I got to visit Brgy. Bonbonon, Iligan City. Brgy. Bonbonon is the host barangay of Dodiongan Falls, which is 14.5 km from the city proper. The visit was unplanned and had adventure written on it at every angle.

A friend of mine, LotLot invited me to join her visit the falls their fmaily shop is making a delivery in Brgy. Bonbonon. It was a far-from-city-proper barangay and somehow she made their client (Kagawad of the barangay)  to have her daughter take us to the trail to the falls. Who was I to decline, right? Since it was a weekday, only Xy-Za could make it to join us.

Like I said, it was unplanned and we just hitched on their delivery truck. We were crammed up inside the truck on our way to the barangay with all our excitement bottled and cramped inside with us. It turns out, we passed by the subdivision where Xy-za resides and she kept laughing saying she never went far beyond the subdivision. When we got to the barangay, they transferred the load off the back of the truck and had driver take us to the start of the trail. Xy-za and I took the rest of the drive at the back.  

The road going to Dodiongan Falls is both developed and undeveloped, it being the Bukidnon-Iligan Road that is currently under construction. Expected you will have smooth sailing trip on the road and then some rugged rough road ahead. The road would then split to a smaller rough roads just before Brgy. Digkilaan, and from there we knew that waterfalling was just few kilometers away.

The trail starts with a metal foot bridge. Every local use it as a “landmark”. We were dropped off and from that point on, it will be an a trek under the scorching heat of the sun. So it is best to wear appropriate clothing, sunblock, and bring enough water to keep you hydrated.

What I liked about the Dodiongan Falls trail is that it was fairly easy to take, which was good for me, given I had leg  cramps from going to Hindang falls just a few days prior. The walking trail was easy to navigate that I could go back there without any tour guide to get me by. This is because this trail is used by people in the area. You would see a nipa hut here, a woman washing clothes there, and evidences that people live around the trail.

We get to cross the stream and had our feet wet. Our guide, Jam, traverse through rocks on the stream and had not one of her toes wet. I don’t trust my feet for those maneuvers, so LotLot, Xy-za and I made our way to the other bank with wet feet. The trail will then follow the water upstream, and an assurance that you won’t get lost along the way. We kept on asking how far we were and as soon as we heard crashing waters, we knew it was minutes away to get us there. The trail leads you to elevated footholds and land areas and you will also realize that you’ve ventured into a corner of the mountain with it’s sides covered in rich foliage.

We excitedly made our way through the bushes. Which BTW, is the reason that you may need to use insect repellent with insects flying and crawling around. It was near noon when we got to there but we didn’t mind. 

Dodiongan Falls is handsome in it’s 65 ft water drop. Massive. Daunting. Beautiful in a strong way. The massive rock which the water glides on on is like a fixed curtain. And right where the water drops is a deep emerald water basin.

The Falls has a huge, irregularly shaped boulder for the water to flow on, and just in the middle is a protruding rock that separates the flow of the water drop into two. It has the same characteristic as the Hindang Falls of Brgy. Hindang, as both are slide falls,  gliding through a large slab of rock and in continuous contact with it. The difference is Hindang Falls is quiet calm and serene while the Dodiongan Falls is massive and heavy on the water.

It has a large plunge pool ideal for swimming. The water is clear and cold as it makes it’s way downstream through large boulders framing the plunge pool.   This one in particular is used as diving/jumping spot for locals to the plunge pool. LotLot braved and climbed up that rock and was a perfect shot to take. 

We had our lunch which we hastily packed just hours earlier that day and enjoyed the view from the comforts of the shade. I was not able to swim that day and I was confident not to because I’ll be visiting Dodiongan Falls some time soon. My next visit to it would be a dip in the pool waters and a swim towards it’s rock shelters if it is safe to, that is.      

  • Wear appropriate clothing for trekking. Bring umbrellas or caps to shield away the heat of the sun.
  • You will have to cross the stream twice, wear appropriate footwear. You will get your feet wet. There’s no other way —- do not say, I did not warn you!
  • Use sunscreen and insect repellents.
  • Bring with you your own provisions, there’s no store in sight once you start on the road to Brgy. Bonbonon.
  • Bring your swimsuits and use them! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to swim on this first visit    

DIRECTIONS | How To Get To Dodiongan Falls:

***Updated: October 2012  

  • Iligan City City proper to Dodiongan Falls, Brgy. Bonbonon
    1. Jeepney: City Proper to Barinaut Terminal , find the map: HERE,
      • Fare: 7.50 Php, Time Travel: ~10mins.
    2. Take the Habal-habal: Barinaut to Dodiongan Falls Trail Start Point
      • Fare: 30Php/head, Time Travel: 20-30mins
  • City Proper to Bonbonon and Digkilaan
    1. Take a Digkilaan Jeepney Line at the Public Market Jeepney Terminal (Old Iligan City Boulevard)
      • Tell the driver to drop you off the Dodiongan Falls
      • Fare: 30-45Php, Travel Time 30-45mins
    2. Take the Habal-habal: Forked Road to Dodiongan Falls Start Trail
      • Fare: 10-15Php/head, Time Travel: 30-45mins                    
    3. Note: It may take you awhile to get Habal-habal.      
  • Taxi (no metered taxi available, rate as agreed by passenger and driver)
  • Private Car

  • Dodiongan Falls Trail (Trek Time: ~20mins upstream)
    1. Start Point: Pre- TS Sendong: Metal bridge
    2. Post – TS Sendong: Location of Washed Away Metal Bridge
    3. Take the upstream trail, you get to cross the stream at twice. Just follow the trail or stream and you won’t get lost.
    4. Trek Trail Level of Difficulty: Pre – TS Sendong:  Easy, Post – TS Sendong: Easy to Moderate                                                 

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