Misamis was an Old Spanish town, which existed as far back as the Spanish era and was conquered strangely not by force of arms, but through faith by some Jesuit Missionaries. Though obscure, the origin of the name “Misamis” is believed to have been derived from the Subano word “Kuyamis” which is a variety of coconut. During the years the name persisted as an inference of geographical location and upon the advent of the Spanish settlers. The word “Kuyamis” easily gave way to the more conveniently pronounceable but corrupted word “Misamis”.

Directions, and How to Get There Details for  Ozamiz City:
*** Fares may change depending on approved rates:
***POST DATE : July 25, 2011
      UPDATED: June 11, 2012
      ::: Private Vehicle
               Travel Time: 1H 30mins
      ::: Bus:  Bulua (CDO) – Northbound (Iligan) Bus Terminal
               Travel Time: 2H
               Travel Time Interval: 15mins.
               Fare: Regular      85Php
                        SP/Senior  85Php
***CDO-Iligan and vice versa bus fare is presently at 85Php. A discounted fare rate for TS Sendong (Washi) affected areas/cities.
*** No metered taxi
*** Fares: Regular       8.00Php
                 SP/ Senior  7.50Php
   :::  Private Vehicle
        Mucas Map: HERE
        Travel Time: 1H 30mins
   ::: Bus to Ozamiz City via Mucas
      Take the bus at North/South Bound Bus Terminal of Iligan City (Map :HERE)
           Travel Time: 1H 30mins
           Fare: 95Php
MUCAS PORT – OZAMIZ PIER (Mucas Map: HERE, Ozamiz Map : HERE )
   ::: Ferry / RORO
           Travel Time: 30-45mins
           Ferry Fare:     20Php/child or senior
                                 300Php/private vehicle, driver is free from ferry fare
*** Metered taxi available
            Flag down rate: 40Php
*** Rela/Pedicab
             Fares: Regular  10Php
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