We started the day early. Call time was 7:30-8;00AM at Jollibee Main (Gen. Aguinaldo St.) which is smacked right at the busy center of the city proper. With our stuff, packed lunches, bottles of water, and excited nerves — we were set to go.

No tourists guides. No maps. No general idea of what was in store for us. A direction-knowing driver, with Sir Pat and Maam Bing at the front seat. Fellow bloggers behind. All we had was an itinerary of the places we should visit — packed in one day.

It was the Execution Day for the planned IBS Fam Tour.

These were the places we visited, gotten to know and, best of all, enjoyed (in order):

  • 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade
  • Ma. Cristina Falls and NPC Nature Park
  • Mimbalot Falls and Paradise Resort and Eco-Park
  • Tinago Falls

So, okay, you might have visited these tourist spots but I’m going to share to you how to really maximize your day and enjoy these visits. Here are the list of what I was looking forward to do aside from touring these spots:

1] Armored car or tank ride at a PA Camp  –> No kidding! An army camp welcomed us and let us ride off a tank!
2] Zip line at NPC Nature’s Park across Ma. Cristina Falls rapid waters –> Hello Ma. Cristina!
3] Test try EURO BUNGEE or BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE a Paradise Resort and Eco-Park –> prayed that the rain would stop so that the park manager would allow us to try it.
4] Dual Zipline at Paradise Resort and Eco-Park and get a view of the Mimbalot Falls –> it would be my first zip at this eco-park and was excited on how it will turn out.
5] TOP of my list: Tinago Falls Jump/Dive –> always been to Tinago but never did that, check out if I really did.

We did it ALL in one day! 


“A wise traveler never despises his own country.” 
– Carlo Goldoni