You didn’t not know it, did you? That Iligan City has a Tourism Triangle, and you’ve went to these tourist spots but you didn’t know that they are geographically located in angles of each other making an imaginary triangle shape.
 I, too, for some time, until I was told of it — made me want to visit them again. Iligan City Tourism Office has called it at that, The Tourism Triangle of Iligan City. And I am bound to visit them in one day, with fellow bloggers, to show you that how to make your one day Iligan City visit —SUPER SULIT!

ACTIVITY: Iligan City Tourism Triangle Tour ~ 1Day Iligan City Visit!

+Tourism Triangle:
+Hopefully get to visit: Maze Parks and Resorts, and (the controversial) Macapagal Rest House along the way.
LOCATION: Brgy. Buruun, Iligan City
ESTIMATED BUDGET: ~ Php; depending on the services offered by the resorts that you want to experience
Fare: Service Vehicle will take us through the whole day activity. BUT –just watch out for my Iligan City Tourism Triangle Series blog posts on the detailed facts on the trip including the fare rates and how to get there by commuting.
Entrance Fees:
+NPC Natures Park: Adult: 30Php; Children: 20Php
+Pardaise Resort: Adult: 25Php, Children: 15Php
***Fees may change according to approved rates
Service Fees:
+NPC Natures Park Zipline: 200Php
+Paradise Resort Zipline: 115Php (harness), 130Php (superman)
                           Kayak Ride: 110Php (1seater); 120Php (2seater); 130Php (3seater)
                           Bungee Trampoline: 120Php/3mins, 5mins lng sana
                           All Terrain Vehicle Rental: 200Php/30mins.
*****Fares may change depending on approved rates (Post Date: Aug 2011)
+Close-fitted shoes if you’re planing to zip; or any comfortable footwear will do
+Cotton Shirt & Shorts/Pants
+Backpack, to throw in all the stuff you plan to bring, or any bag that fits you’re outfit..^^

+Cameras and other gadgets I guess
+Bottled Water
+Packed Lunch; some extra food to last you the whole day
+Extra Shirt/Shorts, Swimsuit, just incase we have time to take the Tinago Falls dip!
+Small Towel/Scarf
+Umbrella if it gets too hot
+Emergency Kit and other MUST bring stuff
+Sabay people, who are up for the trip and who are just as excited as you are.

Tour the destinations listed, and hopefully stop by Maze Park and Macapagal Rest House along the way. We will be travelling on the road most of the time and will only trek down the ravine when we visit the Tinago Falls. When doing the 1Day Iligan City Visit, it would be advisable to have a vehicle as your service, it will lessen the travel time by a fraction, I guess. And then there are rides and experiences that is offered and that I may take. Hmmmmmmm… Drop me a line should there be anything you want me to check out for you while I’m at these places..^^

Taking on the free-sprited side! Fears, please don’t act up now. LOL
1] Taking a jump at Tinago Falls water basin! I’ve always swam at Tinago Falls, my ultimate wishlist is to climb on the rock wall surfaces for a jump off point into the water. I’ve seen locals and brave hearts do that. But I have to mentally psyche myself for that — plus, I am not a strong swimmer. Sigh. Any strong and good swimmers out there? Can you wait for me in the water basin and pull me up for air after my jump? LOL!
2] Visit the Paradise Park and try the Bungee Trampoline at Paradise Resort. I’ve seen videos of how it is done, and I was afraid I might not get control over it, until i saw this Bungee Trampoline Video, the kids made it look easier than the adults did doing multiple flips. If a kid could do that, I think I can, too! But I think I need a strong abdominal core to do flips, don’t I? Hmmmm…. It would be my first visit to the park with it’s amenities ready for the visitors, the last time I was there was the construction phase and I was not able to experience the services that they now offer. So, I am up for that.

“Courage is not the absence of fear,
 it is the conquest of it.”
Unknown author