Pinay Travelista’s Iligan City Waterfalling Series has rested for awhile. When Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. hosted the first run Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0, I was looking forward to Kalubihon Falls, because it will make it my 7th of the 23 identified waterfalls in Iligan City.

I honestly do not know why I even bother to somehow  finish all of them up in a series, though it’s like a kid on  a Sunday asking her mom for colorful cotton candies. Somehow, I get to do something I like to do out from the busy adult-like routine we grew up into.

We were told that there are 39 waterfalls that graces the terrain of my hometown, and only 23 are verified, and identified. Accessibility, and terrain is the main challenge. There goes my goal of visiting each of them. Light slowly fading away. Cricket Sounds.
There are three waterfalls that can be visited at Brgy. Dalipuga, the Dalipuga Falls, Pampam Falls, and the Kalubihon Falls. The Pampam Falls I’ve visited from before. I just enjoyed the water, and the expressions of the WAT 1.0 participants. We had some quick snacks, and we would trek ~15 minutes uphill to check out Kalubihon Falls that is different from all rest of the ones I’ve seen so far.
The unique thing about Kalubihon Falls is the trail to getting to it. Large boulders of limestone with it’s naturally curved surfaces made it as footholds for us. Inching your way up the boulders is a jagged limestone faced wall shaded by a light canopy of trees, and vegetation on the facade of this wall.
Here we rest.
But not too long. We were excited to swim our way to the other side of this boulder to get to the enclosure where Kalubihon Falls is found.

Yes. Swim our way.

Beneath that wall is a shyly gaping mouth hole. Hardly a cave. More like a small cavern of limestone walls  filled with water. You have to crouch to reach the deep portion and swim towards the opening at the end. Fortunately, everyone in the group was up for it that it did not bother them how deep the water was. Or if the cavern-like passage had an eerie feel to it. It was dark, and the only light that you could make out is the one that slips from the opening at the other end. Should you not know how to swim, you can hold on to the stone walls near the opening.
Here is where you will actually emerge from. The water is clear, and green — with it’s depth. McCoy jumped on the way back to check if it was shallow given from the previous waterfall water basin we visited that day was (PamPam Falls). This one was not. Enclosed in that dark passage, no one was brave enough to test try it depth. I wished though that the sun was high up, or maybe made it’s way to the enclosure. It would have been nice to have natural light coming in, or lighting up that passage. Maybe some other time, I guess.
When you get to the opening, you find yourself in an enclosure of wall facade and water just rushes, and falls over a part of this wall. A small water basin beneath it is shallow and small, enough to just lounge around and laugh with your company. What made us stayed there a bit longer was just having to sit where the water drops for a hydro massage. You can not beat that. Doc Remo, Nanardz, and Shugah jokingly asked if the can take home the waterfalls we just visited. Even small waterfalls like Pampam, and Kalubihon Falls has it’s own charms.

DIRECTIONS | How to get to Kalubihon Falls, Ililgan City

  • City Proper to Kalubihon, Brgy. Dalipuga Intersection:
    • Dalipuga Jeepney Line
      • Travel Time: 15-20mins
      • Ask the driver to drop you off the intersection for Kalubihon at Brgy. Dalipuga
      • Take a Habal-Habal to The Kalubihon Elementary School Travel Time ~10mins
      • Ask the locals for direction, better yet, ask to be taken to it and do not forget to budget some food for your guides too!
    • Taxi (No metered taxi available, passenger and driver agreement)
    • Private Vehicle

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