Iligan City is a highly urbanized city in the Northern Mindanao region, Philippines. It is geographically within the province of Lanao del Norte but administered independently from the province after it the passage of Republic Act 9724 that separates this highly urbanized city from the first congressional district of Lanao del Norte to form its own congressional district beginning in the 2010 elections. It was part of Central Mindanao (Region 12) and now under Northern Mindanao (Region 10).

About The City of Majestic Waterfalls

Iligan City is located at Northern Mindanao under Region 10 and once was part of Lanao Del Norte but currently a lone district. It used to be called the Industrial City of the South being home to numerous large industries of the country. In the present, it is called the City of Majestic Waterfalls with more than 30 known and named waterfalls and more unknown ones.

How To Get There

***Fares may change depending on approved rates
Post Date: May 2011
Recent Update: September 2013

By Air:

The Laguindingan International Airport at Cagayan de Oro City, and Ozamis Airport are two of the nearest airports in Iligan City. Check out the flights from airline companies for schedules, and availability in flights.

1] Daily flights from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo City, Clark and Davao
::: From Manila Travel Time
   Flight: ~1H 20mins
::: From Cebu Travel Time
   Flight: ~30mins.

2] Laguindingan Airport – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 50Php Pax
   Bus Rate: 85PhP
   Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] a] Laguindingan Airport – CDO | Bulua Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 100Php Pax
   Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] b] CDO | Bulua Terminal – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Non- Aircon Bus ~40Phph Pax
:: Aircon – NonStop Bus ~ 85PHP Pax
   Travel Time ~2H

By Sea:

Ferries from Manila, and Cebu, to Cagayan de Oro 
::: From Manila Travel Time: ~30H
::: From Cebu Travel Time: ~12-14H
1] CDO Pier – CDO Bulua Bus Terminal
::: Jeepney (Just outside the docking area)
Travel Time: ~20- 30mins
Fare: 35 PhP
::: Metered Taxi (outside the pier)
Travel Time: ~15- 20mins
2] CDO Bulua Terminal – Iligan City North Bound Bus Terminal (Tambo)
:: Non- Aircon Bus ~40Phph Pax
:: Aircon – NonStop Bus ~ 85PHP Pax
Travel Time ~2H
3] To get to the City Proper
Take jeepney lines; Tibanga, Tambo, or Del Carmen
Travel Time: ~10mins
Fare: 7.50PhP
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Via Ozamis City to Iligan City:

1] Check airline companies operating flights to Ozamis City
2] Please check ferry companies operating voyages to Iligan City via Ozamis

  • Travel Time: ~2H
  • Vessel docks at Iligan City Pier
2] Take the bus, and travel by road from Ozamis City to Iligan City
Read the post How to Get To Iligan – Ozamis City but backtrack it’s steps

Via Cebu City to Iligan City:

1] Check airline companies operating flights to Cebu City
  • Check airline companies operating flights from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro City
  • Follow the steps to getting to Iligan City via Lumbia Airport Cagayan de Oro City
2] Ferries from Cebu City to Cagayan de Oro City
  • Travel Time: ~16H
  • Ferries from Cebu City to Iligan City with Ozamis City stopover
  • Vessel docks at Ozamis Pier, a wait time of 2H before it travels to Iligan City
  • Travel Time: ~2H
  • Vessel docks at Iligan City Pier, at downtown Iligan

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Available Transportation in Iligan City

JEEPNEYS. Jeepneys are the main transport in Iligan City. Jeepney fare is at 7.50PhP for routes not exceeding 4-5km. Do ask around to help you get the right jeepey route, and sit nearest the driver. Not all jeepney routes have jeepney conductors available. For other jeepney routes that is away from the city proper, fare is at 10-30PhP, depending on distance

TAXI. No metered taxi. Taxi rate starts at 70Php but is as agreed by the taxi driver, and passenger. I HIGHLY discourage this one, most of the time they overcharge the passenger — even locals, how much more the visitors. I “once-in-a-blue moon” take a taxi when in Iligan City, I strongly feel the need for them to regulate their meters.

TRICYCLES / TRIKES. Available ONLY is subdivisions, and in neighborhoods, and rates start at 5PhP. Though even if it is against regulations, by night time you can see them on the main streets, and highways — these can charge 10-30PhP Pax depending on distance.

HABAL – HABAL. ONLY available for remote areas. Though by night time you can see them on the main streets, and highways — these can charge starting at 20PhP Pax depending on distance.

TARTANILYA. Iliganons still use tartanilya, or horse-drawn carriage for local transport. You can see them at the Pala-o Market with only ONE route. They are not allowed to wander off at any part of the city, so please do not force it upon the carers. They charge at 5PhP Pax.

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Travel Notes:

  • Unfortunately, the bus terminals does not have any visible tourism information to help you with your visit, give you a map, or help you with directions when you load off of the Bus Terminal. You need to visit or contact the Tourism Office of Iligan City for that.
  • Should you take the taxi heading for the city proper, never fix a price of more than 100PhP.
  • It should only be roughly 100-120PhP. The route is only about 4-5km. Or ask that they turn on their meter —- and ALWAYS ask if they issue a receipt. If they say they can’t because they do not have it, or for any other reasons, WALK AWAY. It’s not that they are bad drivers, just hopeful that they can straightened their act like the taxi services in other cities.
  • The Trikes, and Habal-Habal are regulated to only carry passengers to specific parts of the city. There will be stop overs to check proper licensing, and documents from the drivers.
  • Always ask the driver if he is allowed to take the route, or the destinations you are heading to Iligan City has, still, a small town feel to it. you can ask the locals to help you go around the place. Better yet, call the Tourism Office to help you plan your trip.

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