When August arrived, I was already setting eyes on September. It is hard to plan any travels within that 2 month frame. As soon as September came — it became a busy month, and literally partying on the streets of some sorts somewhere in the city. Meet Iligan City, my hometown, that celebrates it’s festive fiesta for the whole month of September.
Diyandi Festival is the month-long celebration of the feast of Sr. San Miguel, the patron saint of Iligan. It was never always called Diyandi though. Last 2004, a resolution was passed and approved establishing Diyandi Festival as the tourism name of Iligan. One thing about Iligan is that, it is a hodge podge of culturally diverse people — so, it is a cultural celebration at that!
It has been a busy midyear for Iligan, and Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., invited bloggers from blogging societies to join us for five days on the peak of this one month celebration. Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 is the first year run of a waterfalling activity of the City of Majestic Waterfall. Hitting 5 waterfalls in 5 days, and sandwiching food trips, and witnessing events in between — it will be draining, but definitely one experience to go for.
It involves trekking, swimming, more swimming, and even more  trekking, (an exaggeration but you get the picture right?) and the some adventure rides, some tours in the city, and cap it off with gastronomical feasts. It is, definitely, right up my alley. Working on the itinerary was a headache! How do we maximize both time, and logistics without having to compromise experience? Fit it all in 5 days with this flexible itinerary, setting expectations for some strenuous days, required physically fit participants, and promised to deliver a great way to Discover, and Experience Iligan!