Mindanao Sate University is on proud seats of education at its’ being one of finest in the Southern Philippines.  With 8 campuses in the country, MSU System has a wide scope of courses offered with regards to the geographical location of a campus. The main campus is at Islamic City of Marawi, which I finally got to visit.
I was fortunate enough to visit this kinda like a city within a city and get to see how life was inside the campus of MSU – Marawi from a visitors perspective. I only heard stories, and descriptions of MSU-Marawi until finally mid last year I was able to visit it with few blogger friends. They have mosque, museums,  hotel, dormitories, and a business district fit for anyone visiting or staying in the campus.
Ofcourse, I had to see their gardens. A botanical garden quietly sits at a corner loads with flowering and nonflowering plants.
MSU- Marawi has a long strip of road they call the business district. It has restos, cafes, salon, grocery stores, and even cellular shops. That is why I would call it a little city within a city.  We had late lunch at one of the shop along the business district during my first visit there. It was full-packed with families, group of friends, and colleagues over  meals and good talk. The WiFi connection is pretty fast given most of the customers are online at the same time.

* Dress appropriately. Maranao, within their culture, follows a decent dress code. Not everyone is open to changes and the evolution of form-fitting and skin-baring clothes. It is best you keep covered to blend in.
* Be open. To everything. And to all impossible.


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is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark