Ever had a health scare while traveling, and you could not find any doctor around? My recent health scare was when I travelled to Hong Kong and my blood pressure and heart rate were above the usual which, at the that time  I figured, was because of a medical condition that I have. It was difficult for me to find myself in a country that has different medical procedures for out-patients. Because of my previous experience, I was happy to bump into Medgate Telecommunications Center

Medgate is the leading international provider of telemedicine, with operations in Switzerland, the Middle East, Australia and the Philippines. Medgate brings 20 years of telemedicine experience to the Philippines and aims to transform the way healthcare is delivered in the Philippines.

Telemedicine the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. Medgate integrates a proven, Swiss-based medical teleconsultation approach that utilizes modern technology to deliver world-class, compassionate medical care, wherever and whenever the patients need it.

And when you’re not feeling well while on a travel abroad or in any provinces in the Philippines, Medgate Telemedicine Center offers medical consultations with a doctor over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Core of Medgate Services:

  • Diagnosis with images.  For better assessment of any medical condition during a teleconsultation, our patients have the option to send photos of the affected areas to us by email or using the Medgate app.
  • Medical Certificate. Medgate physicians can issue a medical certificate during a teleconsultation if needed. Medical certificates are issued at the physician’s discretion and are subject to strict guidelines.
  • Treatment plan. You may request for a copy of your treatment summary which will be sent after the teleconsultation with Medgate.

Your doctor is just a phone call away

How to use and maximize Medgate Services:

  • Call Medgate at +63 (2) 705 0700 where a nurse will take your symptoms and your personal details.
  • Take photos of the affected areas and send them by email or through the Medgate Mobile App.
  • The medical team will discuss the ideal treatment for your condition with you.
  • If it is medically required, the Medgate physician will issue a prescription if deemed necessary.

A nurse will note your symptoms and within a few minutes an experienced doctors will provide a full medical consultation to help you make an informed decision about your health. Now this program only provides non-emergency, and non-life threatening treatment and prescription. 

Medical Coverage for Medgate Services:

They have wide range of medical specialist to cater any age, and any medical conditions, and with a list of their partners:

  1. Pediatrics
  2. Internal Medicine
  3. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  4. Family Medicine
  5. Endocrinology
  6. ENT
  7. Emergency Medicine
  8. Occupational Medicine
  9. Ophthalmology
  10. Dermatology
  11. Geriatric Medicine

List of Partners:

  • Intellicare
  • HPPI – Health Plan Philippines, Inc.
  • Insular Health Care
  • Cocolife – United Coconut Planters Life Assurance
  • AVEGA Managed Care, Inc.
  • Generali Life Assurance Philippines, Inc.
  • PNB Savings Bank

A high quality, convenient, and confidential medical consultations over the phone. This means that you can have direct access to a qualified doctor for your daily healthcare needs without having to visit a clinic or hospital.

Medgate – The physician in your hand.

Mobile App: Medgate services is available through a Mobile App for IOS and ANDRIOD users.

Call via Medgate Hotlines: 

Callback Requests:  No load for a call? Send us a text message and we will be the one to call you.

Just text: <Full Name>, <Member ID>, <Reason for Consult> and <Callback Number> to: Globe: 0917 536 2156; Smart: 0998 990 7540; or Sun  : 0925 714 7794

Retail Product: If you’re interested to purchase a product for personal use. You can purchase it for Php 2000 with 1 year validity, and unlimited consultations.

Payment should be deposited to and deposit slip should be sent to [email protected]

BANK:                                SECURITY BANK
BRANCH:                           MEDICAL PLAZA
ACCOUNT NUMBER:       000-006945-293

How convenient it is to have direct access to medical consultation anywhere in the Philippines, or the world for that matter. Being sick on the road is already hard but finding a reliable doctor for consultation is even harder but with Medgate – a doctor is just a phone call away.