Hong Kong is surprisingly fairly affordable, and staying at Hong Kong Island is possible without a ballooned budget after all. Usually travelers check out Kowloon, or Tsim Sha Tui for cheaper accommodations to make it work within their budget but in between high rise buildings, and busy streets of Causeway Bay, you’ll find Mini Hotel Causewaybay tucked seemingly unpretentious but definitely stylish semi-budget hotel. 

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay provides stylish accommodation equipped with modern facilities located in one of the busiest part of Hong Kong Island. It is a mix or artistically designed, and minimalist for comfort. The lobby alone is a mix of art and function where you can wait for either your guests/friends, or work (like we did) in between exploring eccentric Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong internet connection is fast and free in the entire hotel. Sometimes you need a break from being cooped up in the room, and working with other guest around is a good way to meet, and talk to fellow travelers.

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The hotel also has free use of mobile with internet connection you can bring with you when you go exploring around Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I was not able to experience this to share more about it. We were told it’s only available when you’re booked directly via the hotel’s website.

Hong Kong properties is expensive, and very limited in space. You will find  truth in this if you’re scouting for accommodations which are usually cramped and limited in floor space. Again, if you know me, and my particulars to floor space, and space in general, you will understand.

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Room Details

At Mini Hotel Causewaybay you will find that their rooms are spacious compared to other hotels within their room rate range. The rooms are stylish, and sleek looking with white and mirrored walls that opens up the space. Even the see glass wall of the toilet and shower makes room look more spacious without solid walls separating the spaces. Mostly I worked inside my room if I’m not out exploring the city.

Here is a room tour of the hotel during my first day in Hong Kong!

The internet connection is fast and good enough for video conference meeting with clients, and there’s a flat-screen cable TV for entertainment as well.


Located at Hong Kong Island, Mini Hotel Causewaybay is located a heavily built-up area of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The area is  synonymous with shopping being the center of the Hong Kong shopping scene. It is where luxury malls, mid-range boutiques, affordable department stores with great bargains  are located and it’s what attracts the travelers to this part of the island.


It is also a great place to stay if you want to enjoy and explore Hong Kong with direct access to means of transportation like MTR, shuttle buses, and tram. Mini Hotel Causewaybay is just a 10-minute walk from Causeway Bay MTR, 10-minute walk to Solo Mall, 15-minute drive from Harbour City, and 20 minute walk to Victoria Park.

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Room Rate

This property is rated for its best value in Hong Kong. It, honestly, will be a little pricier than other accommodations in Kowloon, or Tsim Sha Tui but if you’re planning to stay at Hong Kong  Island, it is considered affordable and you’ll definitely get more for your money.  You can book via the minihotel.hk website or check out Agoda for discounted rates.

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Directions to get to Mini Hotel Causewaybay from Hong International Airport:

Airport Express (100 HKD, 25 mins) – Take the Airport Express from the Airport to Hong Kong Station. Take free Airport Express Shuttle route H2 (Causeway Bay) and alight at Regal Hong Kong Hotel. Walk 15 mins to get to the hotel by crossing Irving St. via overpas and take Leighton Road on the junction (Irving St. is parallel to Leighton Road after the junction. You won’t miss it if you make the overpass as your landmark. Follow Leighton road until you get to the Sun Wui Road intersection (5th road to the left).

Airport Bus (45 HKD, 1H) – Take the Aiport bus route A11 (A11 Bus) to Causeway Bay. Alight at Henessey Road then walk 15 mins to get to the hotel. First cross the Henessey Road, and then walk down Percival St., and then turn right on Hysan Avenue. In front of Lee Garden One (to your left), is the Eton Tower (other side of the street) where you can cross the road, and walk down Sun Wui Road just right beside it.

Mini Hotel Causewaybay (Check out Agoda for discounted rates)
8 Sun Wui Rd, Hong Kong; +852 2537 4941

I would advise that you either ask for a map and directions at the Tourist Center at Hong Kong International Airport arrival hall, or make sure you have your mobile map, and GPS ready. Read more on how to get to/from Hong Kong International Airport on this post.