Mother Nurture is one of the popular lactation aide drink in the market. They have coffee for coffee-lovers moms and chocolate drinks if you prefer it instead. I chanced upon Mother Nurture Mixes when a friend gifted a box of the coffee drink in one of the baby showers I had when I was pregnant. I was already looking into food and drinks that aide breast milk production at the time I was gifted with it. I was ecstatic to receive and and hoping that it would help my breastfeeding journey easier.

When I gave birth to our son, Koa, I had every intention to purely breastfeed him. On the day I gave birth to Koa, I was already latching him to my breast even though we had some latching issues. But since my breast milk has not come, he ended up inconsolable and very hungry on the evening the next day. That incident really tore the confidence I had to provide breast milk to him. My first post-partum breakdown was at the hospital when we had to resort to mixed feeding.

When we got home, I thought we were on the clear but I had experienced post-CS complications and had to take some rest from taking care of the baby. This took a toll on me mentally since I could not care for him, let alone provide milk. But I needed to sleep uninterrupted to manage my blood pressure that had increased post-CS. So when I started feeling better, I had to push myself to work on Koa latching on to me and build up my breast milk stash through pumping. It did not come easy but I am utterly blessed to have a husband who encouraged me to not give up.

I was looking forward try the Mother Nurture Coffeemix and Chocomix that helps nursing moms boost their milk supply. It is specially formulated/made from herbs to help aide in breastmilk production. All active ingredients are locally and naturally grown and no chemicals or pesticides are used to grow the plants. Mother Nurture Mixes is both both FDA-approved and Halal-certified and are intended for pregnant and lactating moms, but everyone may enjoy it.

Mother Nurture is the brainchild of social mompreneur, Jeelani “ Lan” San Juan-Perez. Lan underwent re-lactation and after she have successfully brought her baby “back to the breast,” she became staunch advocate of breastfeeding. In order to help other moms in their breastfeeding journeys, Lan, with the guidance and support of lactation consultants, developed the 7-in-1 Coffeemix and Chocomix.

The Mother Nurture Coffeemix is made from Robusta coffee beans and the Chocomix is made with locally-grown native cacao. Both uses a non-dairy creamer, Stevia sweetener, and is high in calcium and low in caffeine. Mother Nurture Coffeemix and Chocomix are specially formulated for nursing moms. Each sachet contains special ingredients and natural galactagogues such as Calcium Lactate, Stevia Leaves, Gotu Kola, Ashitaba and Malunggay that are known to promote milk production and ensure the well-being of breastfeeding mothers.


  • Known as the “Miracle Tree” or “Natures Medicine Cabinet”.
  • Helps strengthen the immune system
  • Helps restore skin condition
  • Helps control blood pressure
  • Helps nursing moms boost their milk supply
  • High in calcium


  • A herb that has a sweet taste, and a healthy substitute for sugar because it’s completely natural
  • Helps in secreting insulin
  • Most powerful antioxidant
  • With healing benefits


  • Strengthens Memory
  • Rejuvenate both liver and kidney
  • Helps relieve mental fatigue


  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory detoxifier
  • Enhance production of nerve growth factor
  • Helps nursing moms boost their milk supply

When we found out that our, then, just turned 3 week old son was allergic to Cow’s milk, I knew I had to up my game at latching him and pumping breast milk more often. After finding the taste of the coffee mix to my liking and found that my breast were fuller after an hour or two after drinking the coffee, I ordered additional coffee and chocolate packs for me to try. It is recommended to drink twice of either coffee or chocolate drink to make it more effective. To be honest though, there were days I only drink coffee in the morning and some days I drink coffee in the morning and chocolate drink in the afternoon. I was not very consistent at it. Alongside taking this drink, I was very conscious of increasing my water intake and also trying out some galactagogues in my meals or baked goods I found online.

It is highly recommended, ofcourse, that nursing efficiently and as per demand with proper hydration and having balanced and nutritious meals,  getting enough rest and having a positive mindset gives positive results to breastfeeding mothers on top of taking galactagogues or breast milk production aides.

I am still not out of the woods in my nursing journey challenges, but I have established a routine and have provided breast milk for Koa and slowly letting go of formula milk from his diet. It has and is not an easy road taken but I am glad that we are slowly getting off formula feeding. At the end of the day, we all have to rely on our discipline and motivation to make it breastfeeding/nursing work and to add some helpful aides like Mother Nurture mixes when we can.

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