We cleaned house today. Throwing away old stuff is like seeing treasures kept for some few to many thousands of years. I was chuckling at 20 year old letters from my early elementary years, and the random notes my friends and I made when we were in Biology passing it around and doing the poker face while sending out jokes and funny thoughts to each other. Conversations on ink is a pretty entertaining read — I miss paper passings in classes, meetings, and on those I-just-need-to-tell-you-something-but-the-scary-professor-is-concentrated-on-the-range-of-scales-fishes-have days. I took a while getting rid of some of those letters, cards, and paper chats. I kept a few memorable ones aside. Some thoughts and love on paper are rare these days, so I’m keeping them for — oh well — memories of the crazy years.

Am done with organizing those stuff, and is melting my lazy bones on a weekend at home.

Even lazy afternoon Sundays is about getting on the roads — even if it’s in the pages between book covers.
There are several “few” blog posts drafted at Pinay Travelista and CoFFee SToRieS (which will be majorly redone, if I and the stars, could help it) that I am meaning to publish. But right now I’m just not in the mood  do so, pardon my lack of enthusiasm. I detached myself from Mr. Blogging Mojo to get some things done. I’ll be time posting them up for some activity and I’ll get onto book reviews and other must-do/reads/use posts over at the other blog but for now, I want to just dig a hole, bring books ( and other quintessential stuff — ofcourse) and place a not-to-be-bothered sign up.
I only have an hour or so to go through these pages and get lost in them, I’m patiently waiting..
for time, because I have this other screaming book to skim read to brush up with rusty skills before heading off somewhere and do justice with the education I got.
and for coffee, but mostly and before anything else, a coffee for some company.
~Random somethings~Dancing thoughts~
~Everyone deserves an outlet~Anyone could use the break~