I hate to say this but every traveler should have a travel insurance to cover any emergency medical assistance when on the road. Not that I’m saying that accidents are bound to happen when travelling — but who knows right? I met this prepaid emergency medical assistance card from one of the many travel items I got when I won from Possibly Pinay’sPossibly Pinay Year 1 All-out Majorly Anticipated Celebratory Festival and Raffle Party with the Looking For Backpack Tips post.
I got never got to use it – thank God, and it is past its’ viable usage date. But checking and looking at it now, it would serve well on accidents someone (forbid) would get while on the road. And that because since we do not have control on what the road throws at us, a travel insurance falls to be essential for every traveler.

This prepaid insurance card comes from the Paramount Life and General Insurance Corporation that offers the ER Card Plus, an emergency medical assistance whether due to an accident or a pre-existing health condition. Prepaid card because you get to purchase it like any regular call or text card from your communication network, and use the benefits should you need it. Here’s a quick rundown on how this item works:
  • One-time-use pre-paid card.
  • Maximum of three (cards) within a span of 12 months, but only one (1) card may be used at a time/situation.
  • Covers emergency medical expenses of up to Php5,000.
  • Provides Accidental Death Benefit of Php10,000.
  • Accepted at more than 150 accredited hospitals nationwide
  • If availed at non-accredited hospitals, only an 80% of the total emergency room billing is reimbursed
  • Can be purchased online at the ER Card Plus
  • It does have an expiration date.
  • It would only cover emergency room services strictly limited to incidences caused by vehicular accidents.
  • Original copy of Police Incidence Report relating to vehicular accident, and emergency room billings is required to claim reimbursement.
Temporary travel insurance like these can usually be purchased at the time of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip. The downsize? That it is limited to vehicular accidents only. Other travel insurance covers medical, financial default of travel suppliers, and/or other losses incurred while traveling, depending on it’s coverage. This one however only covers emergency room medical assistance. Though I would not know that if a patient is admitted in the hospital or if to undergo any procedures due to an accident that this one would at least cover the emergency room expenses on service and medical items served there. 
I would recommend that you rely on this together with other insurance/s you and your family needs to be  covered with.  
But then again, most of us would rather walk away with cuts, gashes, and bruises if we could help it. Brush it off and call it a travel souvenir just to continue on with the trip. IKR?!

But just so you remember, no one can ever be too ready.
Do not insult the mother alligator until after you have crossed the river.” 
– Old Haitian Proverb