Life is a box of sweets.
I could say chocolates but if you just came in from Camiguin, a box of sweet buns is a pasalubong welcomed cheerfully. In one of my first few visits of the island, I brought home the same pasalubong for my mama and from then on, I knew any tasty tinapay would do the trick. My mamas kryptonite is tinapay, and what better way to go home from a out-of-the-blue weekend lakad bringing Vjandep Pastel ng Camiguin.
I guess for most of us, it is mostly like that. Sinusuyo natin yung mga magulang natin after going off somewhere. Well, mostly, the case for me. Whenever I’m on the road, I still do check my phone every once in a while to see if I get any messages from her. None. Which concludes that she must have gotten use to the idea that I run off somewhere but would still find my way back home without her having to worry.

PASTEL is actually a Spanish term for cake. Pastel is a tasty, soft bun with filling inside. It is a common treat for the affluent Camiguingnons of the time, especially during special gatherings and occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, fiestas, Christmas and the likes. Now they have 12 varieties of flavors available, like ube, chocolate, and durian to name only a few. But I have to say that yema (custard) filling will always be my favorite.

Maybe the reason why my mom likes me visiting the island is that i get to bring home this treat. She swears that a box of Pastel from Camiguin is tastier than the ones from their outlets elsewhere. Oh well. My mom just got back from her Palawan trip, and I kept finding reasons to just send her a messages just so. I don’t want her to feel alone, if ever she does. Not that she ever will. But I send her messages still, and that maybe she might do the same when I’m on the roads alone. LOL.

Anong kwentong pastel nyo?
“Count your blessings by thinking of those whom you love.”