Out of the blue, I was asked by a fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger, Ron Cruz if I was interested in a travel project in the making. So, okay, I do not know the guy, I should be listening to the warning bells ringing, but there wasn’t any, and I am not 5 years old anymore that was told to not talk to strangers. I do read his and Monette Fernandez‘ blog — Flip’n Travels, I guess I knew a “bit” of him. I did not have any prior online interaction with him, but here he was, like some old friend from way back, and asking how things has been for some introduction. If you ask me now, it was a pretty lame introduction for both of us, since we never introduced ourselves at all. He was a PTB/Bagets, I guess that was the go signal. The idea and the project concept he brought to the table was something I could advocate for, if not help realize. I told my myself — this is nice, butterfly-in-the-stomach-exciting,and he and whoever he works with are crazy – I liked that, and the third one really closed in the deal.
Here was how I got into the team that drew the circle:
Ron Cruz: hey Lai! how are you?
Lisa Marie MirasolEi.. hi ron.. okay here except for minor problem on internet connection after electricity came up from the scheduled curtailment.. :P
Ron Cruzahhaha… nasa iligan ka ba ngayon?
Lisa Marie Mirasolyeps.. currently sa iligan.. at kapitbahay ng pldt na nagloloko.. ahahahaha..
Ron Cruzhahahah i have a request sana
                 we are producing a series of webisodes, like reality travel series. 
                 eto yung trailer http://vimeo.com/37085178
                so two travelers + two camera crew and we are short of one team member for ****** — a *****. baka naman you can help us hehehe. Will you be interested?
Lisa Marie Mirasoli can not access the vid eh.. ill get on it when connection is fixed wukie.. as for the ***** member.. it would be an honor if schedule allows it.. kelan bah ung sched for this ron? do you guys need a heads up for ***** or something?
Ron Cruzhindi pa napapagusapan ng producers. send ko sayo details, it will be in april
                april **** what’s your email?
Lisa Marie Mirasolapril.. hmmmm.. ron, when do you need an answer? i need to consult a online calendar schedule kasi and its a struggle going through it on phone.. can i get back on you when i get my connection fix? sometime tomorrow perhaps.. :)
                  its pinaytravelista[@]gmail[.]com
Ron Cruz:  sure sure, let me know if you’re ok with it, though we cannot ****hehe. but will cover for all travel expenses, accommodation, and food for ***** days. and ***** hehe.
let me know so that we can send you the concept summary
Lisa Marie Mirasolhey ron.. I’ll be focusing on a prep for a major goal am doing by July.. but ill be able to get the days free and a sort of break for me.. hahahahaha.. dont have work for April pala.. just revamping the Iligan bloggers and another site.. So I am now jumping around for this opportunity to help you guys out.. no biggie on **** thingy.. Though you must send me whats expected of me and what you guys need, that way I can ****.. Other than that, I’m glad Phl360 is ******..

I got the email of the show concept, cast, and crew details — now, being new to the travel blogosphere, I must say, I felt like the small fish in the sea entering a secret blue hole that is  PHL360! With these other unique and colorful creatures — I’m Nemo-adventure-thinking right now, sorry for that. LOL! From the crew — I only get to meet Nina Fuentes | Just Wandering from the Philippine Blog Awards [Mindanao] 2011 — a quick “Hi and hello! and if you’re in town, let us do a Binondo food trip” short, and sweet meet-up. The rest were happy voices and loud laughter meetingst over Skype sessions — and in always a very welcoming mood. Everyone in this team seemed to be almost in sugar high most of the time. These are crazy people ( in the most darling way of complimenting them) that I would want be with.
Enter the secret agent status — but only for the briefest of time. Before my name, with photo, and “happy pill” description was up on the PHL360 site at www.PHL360.com. Great. I was actually happy being the secret agent – but no. Protocol. I guess? And, with that, I guess no secrets too great to keep can be selfishly kept.

PHL360 Diaries is a series of entries on personal accounts on  experiences on PHL360 Web Travel TV with the Team PHL360 and the PHL360 Travelers, by which this author could attest that even by a self-made-kinda-light-bulb-moment-conclusion “that these guys are wrapped in awesomeness” is — an understatement.
PHL360 | Web Travel TV