Here’s a visually impaired travelista after 5 hours or so on the road looking at the moving scenery. A plastic bag as a barf bag between the legs, a view of her feet, the back of the seats, and / or anything that is not moving.
Window seats becomes a torture when you forget to bring your eyeglasses.
I could make out the print on my shoes, the texture of the carpet, the wrinkles on the plastic bag, and the bright red polish on my nails. My vision was never too much of a  bother despite the stubborn streak of not wearing my prescribed eyeglasses. What I do know is that I can not stare and let my line of vision wander too much on moving objects for too long. But I was too tired to tell myself, too engrossed with the scenery, and too lost in my thoughts.

So yes, I left my eyeglasses at a table top somewhere back home, and I vomited up inside a moving bus. I am not proud of myself. My cardiac sphincter has failed me. It could not hold the minimum content in the insides of my stomach. On my way back, I’ll try to sleep my way the whole trip — if only I could, that is!

What’s your mini travel tortures?


We have met the enemy and they are us!  ~Walt Kelly